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Send migrant kids back to parents in Central America

Both men agreed that migrant children should be sent back to Central America: Gillespie declined to take a position on the bill introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), which would prohibit any further expansion of Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program that shields some young undocumented immigrants from deportation. "I have not seen the bill," said Gillespie. "I haven't seen Sen. Cruz's bill, but I think President Obama overreached, and we're seeing the consequences today. The compassionate response is to make clear, 'Don't keep doing this, don't keep sending these children here, because they are not going to be afforded American citizenship,'" he added. "The most compassionate thing we can do is for them to return to their parents."

Warner emphasized the need to speed up the processing of these children, but he said "many of these children will be sent home. That process will result in some of those kids going back, but there ought to be a process," he said.

Source: Politico.com weblog on 2014 Virginia Senate debate , Jul 26, 2014

Unapologetic supporter of comprehensive immigration overhaul

Before he can try to unseat the incumbent, Gillespie first has to overcome any suspicions among conservatives about his long history as a lobbyist, though not in the past 6 years, and his stance as an unapologetic supporter of a comprehensive immigration overhaul.

"Anybody associated with the national Republican hierarchy is a little bit suspect," one pundit said. "Sometimes that's fair, sometimes not. He's going to have to prove he's not the same as the rest of the Washington GOP establishment."

Source: New York Times on 2014 Virginia Senate race , Jan 9, 2014

Pro-assimilation more than anti-immigration

I believe the concerns over immigration shared by so many Americans today reflect less an anti-immigration sentiment than a pro-assimilation one.

Diversity makes us stronger as a nation, but the presumption in the notion of a "melting pot" is that the different races and ethnicities blend together. Multiculturalism is as responsible for what is seen as anti-immigration sentiment as is the flood of illegal immigrants coming across our southern border.

Today, we have population pockets in our country where an individual can live a lifetime without ever speaking English. This lack of integration and assimilation breeds resentment and mistrust, and it's not the model that made America great.

Source: Winning Right, by Ed Gillespie, p.253-254 , Sep 5, 2006

New temporary worker program after securing our border

Conservatives who believe in freedom, economic growth, the rule of law, and preserving our culture should support immigration policies that secure our borders but are also pro-freedom, pro-growth, and pro-assimilation.

American needs a new temporary worker program that will match willing foreign workers with willing American employers, when no Americans can be found to fill the jobs. This program would offer legal status, as temporary workers, to the millions of undocumented men and women now employed in the US, and to those in foreign countries who seek to participate in the program and have been offered employment here.

This new system should be clear and efficient, so employers are able to find workers quickly and simply.

Participants who do not remain employed, who do not follow the rules of the program, or who break the law will not be eligible for continued participation and will be required to return home.

Source: Winning Right, by Ed Gillespie, p.255 , Sep 5, 2006

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