Katherine Harris on War & Peace

Republican Representative (FL-13)

Military solution needed, no political solution of cut-&-run

Q: Do you have any second thoughts about your vote in favor of going to war?

NELSON: There are no do-overs. What we ought to be focusing on is, What are we going to do for the future? We ought to be recognizing that it isn't going to be a military solution, but a political solution. We ought to look at dividing the country.

HARRIS: All Americans want our troops to come home as son as possible. But we must have a flexible strategy that guarantees our victory. If we follow the Democrat strategy of a cut-and-run, or tell the terrorists when we're going to cut and run, then our troops will have died in vain. Furthermore, we will have set up the opportunity for genocide of this fledgling democracy, and created a rogue nation for terrorists. The flexible strategy must be one from the military experts on the ground, not from the halls of Congress where it's demagogued. This is not a Democrat or Republican solution. This is the future of a democracy in the Middle East, and defeat is not an option.

Source: FL 2006 Senate Debate moderated by PBS' Linda O'Brien Oct 23, 2006

Voted YES on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date.