Michael Steele on Energy & Oil

Republican challenger, Lt. Gov.


Moratorium on gas taxes until price stabilizes

Q: Is the current US energy policy adequate?

A: All one has to do is look at the price of a gallon of gas to know that our energy policy is not adequate. To provide immediate relief for Marylanders, I have called on Congress to enact an immediate moratorium on the federal gas tax - more than 18 cents per gallon - and an immediate moratorium on the 24 cents per gallon diesel tax. Moreover, Congress should approve legislation to suspend the tariff on ethanol imports.

Source: Responses to Baltimore Sun Survey , Aug 7, 2006

Create and sustain real energy independence

Congress must roll up its sleeves and work to solve the underlying problem - our dependence on foreign sources of energy. To do that, I’ve called on Congress to double President Bush’s budget request for biomass and bio-refinery research, and create market and tax incentives for E85 fuels, hybrid technologies and alternative energy sources. Tax credits for hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles need to be renewed and expanded. Additionally, we must increase fuel efficiency standards for automobiles - not just this year, but over the next several years.

Our dependence on foreign sources of energy has been an important issue for generations. Repeatedly, Washington has failed to act - and failed us - on this issue. Marylanders deserve leadership on creating and sustaining real energy independence.

Source: Responses to Baltimore Sun Survey , Aug 7, 2006

Solar and renewables are the energy sources for the future

Washington doesn’t have an energy plan to lead us to energy independence and efficiency. We must reorient our thinking to develop a comprehensive energy policy that strengthens our energy infrastructure and creates long-term energy independence. We must come to realize that solar power and other renewable sources continue to offer more potential than actual energy production - these are the sources of energy for the future, not oil.
Source: Press release, “Energy Independence” , May 2, 2006

More biomass, more hybrids, more fuel efficiency