Rob Sobhani on Immigration


Immigration system is broken; enforce our current law

We need to fix our broken immigration system in several areas. First, we need to enforce our current law. Second, English should be the official language of all Americans, because a common language ties us together as a nation. Last, these internal policy changes need to be met with a proactive approach to American foreign relations. It should be our policy that America will be stronger if our neighbors become more democratic and follow the rule of law.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, www.sobhaniformaryland.com , Oct 15, 2012

Make English the official language of the United States

The first step the author proposes to address the immigration morass is to make English the official language of the United States, a standard that already is imposed by 31 state governments. He makes a convincing case that programs that promote English as a second-language among immigrants and in the public schools act as a barrier to acquiring both higher education and better-paying jobs.

Sobhani proposes coupling the official adoption of English with an aggressive program of structured English immersion that would prepare the individual to move on into the general classroom and job market. He also would force reversal of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission policy targeting small businesses that insist their employees be proficient in English.

Source: Book Review of "Press 2 for English" in Washington Times , Jul 27, 2012

5-year moratorium on immigration & 75,000 work visas

The author recommends a five-year moratorium on immigration. This would not be an outright ban on all immigration. Spouses of US citizens, people of extraordinary ability and humanitarian cases would be allowed in. But the estimated 75,000 work visas currently issued every month would be held to a bare minimum as long as unemployment was above 5%.

In addition, the current rules would be ended that allow the added immigration of extended relatives. Spouses and children would be allowed in but not siblings, parents or even adult children. Amnesty permits for illegals also could be ended.

Related to the moratorium is the proposal to end the current government permissiveness that allows the chain immigration of groups of even distant relatives of a single person under the rubric of family reunification. It is these extended family members who are most likely to need access to public welfare, while few of them have the skills--or even the desire--to work.

Source: Book Review of "Press 2 for English" in Washington Times , Jul 27, 2012

Let in poor Mexicans & we will only impoverish ourselves

Two mutually reinforcing truths about America get lost in the verbal insults and legal battles of the DREAM Act. First, America's failed immigration system is the flip side of a failed foreign policy.

For example, Mexican officials are allowed to export their revolution to the US by failing to provide a decent standard of living for their citizens, who then have to come to the US in search of a better future. In short, America has not insisted on good governance in Mexico.

Secondly, global prosperity requires a new narrative on immigration and cross border migration. If we allow the poor to escape to the rich and then redistribute this wealth to take care of the needy new arrivals, we will only impoverish ourselves in the process. Global prosperity must increase if we are to address this issue seriously, and thus, it is imperative that wealth be created indigenously--especially for the economies of Mexico, Central and South America [with US help via a Marshall Plan].

Source: Column in The Hoya College Times , Sep 13, 2011

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