Scott Kleeb on Energy & Oil

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Time to stop questioning sound science on climate change

Q: What is your policy to address global climate change?

A: The science is clear--we are facing a global climate change that is already affecting our environment. It is time to stop questioning sound science and start focusing on how to implement the type of change needed not only to reduce our carbon footprint, but to ensure that our children will have a brighter future. Further, because scientific integrity is critical to each and every issue that we hold dear, we must stop allowing scientific findings to be edited with a political pen. I prefer a cap-and-trade system to help reduce our carbon emissions to a carbon tax. A cap-and-trade system not only provides certainty in carbon reductions, it is less disruptive to the market and businesses. Additionally, I support fuel-economy standards, such as the Renewable Fuel Standard, and believe increased research and development are critical to realizing the potential of renewable technologies.

Source: 2008 Senate questionnaire by SEA & 18 science organizations Sep 9, 2008

Always a supporter of ethanol; along with solar & wind

Johanns claimed Kleeb was quoted as saying that "corn based ethanol will not be a part of our future." Johanns noted that new breakthroughs in corn genetics will soon bring a 40% increase in the yield of dryland corn, making corn-based ethanol even more viable.

Kleeb claimed he was misquoted and has "always been a supporter of ethanol." However, he believes the country also needs to develop other "green" energy solutions, such as solar, wind and other technologies such as cellulosic ethanol production

Source: [Xref Johanns] 2008 Nebraska Senate debate Aug 24, 2008

Supports Warner-Lieberman Climate Security Act

Republican Mike Johanns, Democrat Scott Kleeb and Green Party candidate Steve Larrick all discussed the important issues of energy, climate change and renewable fuels - although most of the sparks flew between Johanns and Kleeb. The biggest clash between the two came over the proposed Warner-Lieberman Climate Security Act, which Johanns opposes and Kleeb supports.
Source: [Xref Johanns] 2008 Nebraska Senate debate Aug 24, 2008

Release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Scott Kleeb understands that we can't wait for long-term solutions to lower gas prices. In addition to cracking down on speculation, which should immediately have an effect on oil prices, Scott has called for:
  • Releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve holds 700 million barrels of oil to be released in case of an energy crisis. Scott Kleeb believes we are in such a crisis and supports selling 70 million barrels of valuable light, sweet crude from the reserve over six months and replacing that oil with less valuable heavy crude. This additional 400,000 barrels per day of oil supply will drive down gas prices but would still maintain our energy security in case of a supply disruption. The plan could also generate up to $840 million in revenues.
  • Increasing funding for LIHEAP, so that the millions of Americans who will face soaring energy costs this winter can have the financial help they need.
    Source: Campaign booklet, Nebraska's Brand of Change, p. 9 Aug 19, 2008

    Renewables ok, but oil exploration must continue

    Kleeb said research should done on wind, solar, ethanol and other renewable energy sources. Nuclear energy must be part of the mix, with research focusing on ways to lessen the amount of waste material from nuclear power plants. Oil exploration must continue, Kleeb said.
    Source: By Harold Reutter, in The Grand Island Independent Jul 23, 2008

    Develop a new energy economy

    In both clean fuel technologies and green collar jobs, America has an opportunity to not only develop a new energy economy, and drive down costs for consumers but also give millions of Americans new high-wage jobs that reward efficiency, redevelop our infrastructure, and most importantly, cannot be exported overseas.
    Source: Campaign website, www.ScottKleeb.com May 14, 2008

    Renewable energy create new industries and jobs

    Renewable sources of energy create new industries and hundreds of thousands of jobs, while decreasing costs for the average consumer. While at the same time, a new energy economy--or green collar jobs--makes our country safer by cutting our dependence on foreign oil and decreasing pollution.
    Source: Campaign website, www.ScottKleeb.com May 14, 2008

    Grant program for early adopters of energy efficiency codes

    Establish a Grant Program for Early Adopters: Create a competitive grant program to award those states and localities that take the first steps to implement new building codes that prioritize energy efficiency.
    Source: Campaign website, www.ScottKleeb.com May 14, 2008

    Encourage next generation bio-fuels

    Support the next generation of bio-fuels by investing federal resources, either in tax incentives, cash prizes or government contracts for developing the most promising technologies for cellulosic ethanol production. Furthermore, expand locally-owned bio-fuel refineries by creating incentives for rural communities to own and operate their own facilities thus better supporting agricultural economies.
    Source: Campaign website, www.ScottKleeb.com May 14, 2008

    Moral test of our lifetime is combating climate change

    We confront tremendous challenges: skyrocketing debt and growing budget deficits; rising trade imbalances and falling wages; a global threat of extremism and division with a damaged reputation in the world; and--as if each of those was not enough--we also face the moral test of our lifetime in combating climate change and achieving true energy independence.
    Source: Campaign website, www.scottkleeb.com, "About" Mar 9, 2008

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