Charles Rangel on Welfare & Poverty



Make taking people out of poverty our #1 priority

It's critically important today to make talking people out of poverty our number 1 national priority. Why? Because poverty is disproportionately visited on our most valuable resource, people under the age of 21. To compete with massive faster-growing economies like China and India, or better educated, socially secure economies like Japan and the European countries, we will need all our young people heading for higher education and training instead of the military, prison, or jobs flipping hamburgers.
Source: A Bad Day Since, by Charles Rangel, p.259 , Aug 5, 2008

Architect of Harlem Empowerment Zone legislation

The creation in the early years of the Giuliani administration of the Harlem Empowerment Zone would lead to the controversial ridding of that neighborhood of its street vendors.

Rudy Washington: When Giuliani was elected in 1992, he had announced he was doing the Empowerment Zone. Charlie Rangel was one of the architects of the legislation and had designated Harlem being in the Empowerment Zone. When Rudy really looked closely at the legislation, he started thinking, Why should it all go to Harlem? That's not the only community in need. He said, "The South Bronx [a depressed area of abandoned buildings] should share in this." Charlie Rangel said no. From day one we were at war with Charlie Rangel. But we controlled a hundred million dollars; we controlled the application and Charlie Rangel was down there in Washington.

Source: Giuliani: Flawed or Flawless, by D. & G. Strober, p.156-157 , Jan 16, 2007

Voted NO on maintaining work requirement for welfare recipients.

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