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The Mueller Report, by the Washington Post

The Obama Nation, by Jerome Corsi

Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin

A Woman in Charge, by Carl Bernstein

What Obama Means, by Jabari Asim

Barack Obama For Beginners, by Bob Neer

Living History, by Hillary Rodham Clinton

An American Son, by Senator Marco Rubio

The Rise of Marco Rubio, by Manuel Roig-Franzia

Obama: From Promise to Power, by David Mendell

Trump Revealed, by Kranish and Fisher

Never Enough, by Michael D'Antonio (Sept. 2015)

CNN "State of the Union" interviews, throughout 2020

Madame Hillary, by R. Emmett Tyrell of The American Spectator

Two Paths: America Divided or United, by John Kasich

Hillary Clinton: The Inside Story, by Judith Warner

Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest, by John K. Wilson

What Happened, by Hillary Rodham Clinton

A Bound Man, by Shelby Steele

America by Heart, by Sarah Palin

The Washington Post

The Making of Donald Trump, by D.C.Johnston

Higher Loyalty, by FBI Director James Comey

Her Way, by Jeff Gerth & Don Van Natta

God and Hillary Clinton: A Spiritual Life, by Paul Kengor

Do the Right Thing, by Mike Huckabee

The Contenders, by Laura Flanders et al.

America the Beautiful, by Ben Carson

ABC This Week interviews, throughout 2020

For Love of Politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years, by Sally Bedell Smith

A Life of Trial and Redemption, by Jules Witcover

Game Change, by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin

Change We Can Believe In

The Life, Wit, and Wisdom of Joe Biden, by Jeff Wilser

FactCheck.org analysis of 2008 primary debates

Stand For Something, by John Kasich

Florida Senate candidates, past and present

Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics, by Joe Biden

Piety & Power, by Tom LoBianco

The New York Times, 2010-2019

The Washington Post, 2000-2009

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, by Joe McGinniss

Political coverage on Politico.com

Hopes and Dreams: The Story of Barack Obama, by Steve Dougherty

Hard Choices, by Senator Hillary Clinton

Alaska candidates for Governor, past and present

Every Other Monday, by John Kasich

Joe Biden and Catholicism in the United States, by Massimo Faggioli

The Art of the Comeback, by Donald J. Trump and Kate Bohner

Against the Tide: How a Compliant Congress Empowered a Reckless President, by Lincoln Chafee

Speeches at CPAC 2020s

2019-2021 Town Halls on CNN

Trump 101 by Donald Trump

Think Big by Donald Trump

CNBC coverage of political news

CA newspaper: The Los Angeles Times

The Atlantic magazine

Guilty, by Ann Coulter

Fed Up!, by Rick Perry (Nov. 15, 2010)

The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography, by David Brody & Scott Lamb

The FAITH of Barack Obama, by Stephen Mansfield

The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama

Speeches at Conservative Political Action Conferences (2016-2019)

The Tea Party Goes to Washington, by Rand Paul (Feb. 22, 2011)

Our Revolution, by Bernie Sanders

On My Honor, by Rick Perry

Jeb: America's Next Bush, by S.V. Date

Political coverage on The Huffington Post

CNN political race coverage

Too Much and Never Enough, by Mary L. Trump

Leadership and Crisis, by Bobby Jindal

Lead from the Outside, by Stacey Abrams

Trump: How to Get Rich, by Donald J. Trump and Meredith McIver

Friends in High Places, by Webb Hubbell

The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton, by Bay Buchanan

Cruzing Republicans to the White House, by Mario Broes & Daniel Gibson

Character Makes a Difference, by Mike Huckabee

A Time for Truth, by Ted Cruz (Jan. 2016)

Team of Five, by Kate Brower

Seven Principles of Good Government: Gary Johnson

Kentucky Senate candidates, past and present

In the President`s Secret Service, by Ronald Kessler

Outsider in the House, by Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT)

Obama's Challenge, by Robert Kuttner

Time magazine

Forbes Magazine

Hillary's Choice, by Gail Sheehy

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, by Michael Wolff

The Democrats, by Alexander Moore

Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race

Living Beyond Your Lifetime: How to be Intentional about the Legacy You Leave, by Mike Huckabee

Trump Cabinet members actions and issues

Sweet Freedom, by Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK)

A Very Stable Genius, by Rucker & Leonnig

Should Barack Obama Be President? by Fred Zimmerman, published Oct. 2006

One Vote Away, by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

One Vote, by Ben Carson and Candy Carson

Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success, by Donald Trump

United Nations speeches

MA newspaper: The Boston Globe

IA newspaper: The Des Moines Register

Democracy Now! website

Think Like a Champion, by Donald Trump

How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down

Time to Get Tough, by Donald Trump

The Final Days, by Barbara Olson, published Oct. 2001

My Father, My President, by Doro Bush Koch

Crippled America, by Donald J. Trump (Sept. 2015)

The Battle for America 2008, by Dan Balz and Haynes Johnson

Fox News Sunday interviews, throughout 2020

CNN "State of the Union" interviews, throughout 2019

Washington Post, "The Fact Checker"

Analysis of 2001-2009 campaign ads

Fear: Trump in the White House, by Bob Woodward

Where We Go From Here: Two Years in the Resistance

What A Party!, by Terry McAuliffe and Steve Kettman

Trump campaign vs. Trump administration compared

The Obamians, by James Mann

The Natural, by Joe Klein

2010: Take Back America, by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

Barack Obama in His Own Words, by Barack Obama, edited by Lisa Rogak

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton On The Issues, by Jesse Gordon of OnTheIssues.org

One Nation, by Dr. Ben Carson, M.D.

Becoming, by Michelle Obama

Minority Leader, by Stacey Abrams

Meet the Next President, by Bill Sammon

USA Today magazine

Truthout.org political website

Snopes.com fact-checking

PoliticalWire.com political news briefs

NY newspaper: The New York Times

IN newspaper: The Indianapolis Star

Human Events magazine

Political coverage on TheDailyBeast.com


Kids Who Kill, by Mike Huckabee

Immigration Wars, by Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick

Georgia candidates for Governor, past and present

Confidence Men, by Ron Suskind

Character IS the Issue, by Mike Huckabee

American Dreams, by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump

2020 Vice Presidential prospects

CBS "Face the Nation" interviews, thoughout 2019

CBS "Face the Nation" interviews, thoughout 2017

AFA Action iVoterGuides

"Road to Majority" Policy Conference

2011 Republican primary debate on Twitter.com, July 21, 2011

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, by Amanda Carpenter

The Unique Voice of Hillary Clinton

Trump Research Book

Tough Choices, by CEO Carly Fiorina

Ten Letters, by Eli Saslow

It Takes a Family, by Rick Santorum (April 30, 2006)

New Mexico Senate candidates, past and present

Saving Freedom, by Sen. Jim DeMint

The Remaking of Republican Conservatism, by Theda Skocpol and Vanessa Williams

Real Change, by Speaker Newt Gingrich

Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose

Profiles in Character, by Jeb Bush & B.Yablonski, published January 1996

Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader by Joe Hilley

Democrat vs. Republican vs. Green vs. Libertarian: Four Party's Presidential Nominees On The Issues, by Jesse Gordon of OnTheIssues.org

Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio On The Issues, by Jesse Gordon of OnTheIssues.org

Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton On The Issues, by Jesse Gordon of OnTheIssues.org

Democrat vs. Republican vs. Green vs. Libertarian: Four Party's Presidential Nominees On The Issues, by Jesse Gordon of OnTheIssues.org

Obamanomics, by John R. Talbott, published July 1, 2008

Man Behind The Mask, by Andy Martin

My Life, by Bill Clinton

Vox Media

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Twitter.com election tweets

The Week magazine

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Rolling Stone Magazine

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New Yorker magazine

National Public Radio interviews and analysis

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Massachusetts newspaper: The Boston Herald

IL newspaper: Chicago Sun-Times

IL newspaper: The Chicago Tribune

The Washington Times

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Buzzfeed.com political reporting

The Long Game, by Senator Mitch McConnell

The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, by Kitty Kelley

Kamala's Way, by Dan Morain

Joint Libertarian interview with Johnson & Weld

Joint Green Party interview with Stein and Baraka

From Hope to Higher Ground, by Gov. Mike Huckabee

Indiana candidates for Governor, past and present

Slouching Towards Gomorrah, by Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork

The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin. by Stephen Mansfield

Courage and Consequence, by Karl Rove

Biden campaign vs. Biden administration compared

The Art of the Deal, by Donald Trump

Meet the Press interviews, throughout 2020

2020 Town Hall hosted by Fox

CNN 2020 S.C. Town Hall

CBS "Face the Nation" interviews, thoughout 2020

South-by-Southwest political conference

ABC This Week interviews, throughout 2019

2018 Governor's State of the State speeches

CNN "State of the Union" interviews, throughout 2018

2016 Indiana Governor's race

Speeches at the 2016 DNC

The 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit, Ag Summit, and other Iowa events

The Hill on 2010-2019 campaigns

Survey of 2010 House campaign websites

FactCheck.org analysis of 2008 campaign ads

Unintimidated: A Governor's Story, by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Third World America, by Arianna Huffington

The Promise: President Obama, Year One, by Jonathan Alter

How Bill Clinton Won, by Bob Woodward

The 100: Insight and Lessons from 100 of the Greatest Speeches Ever Delivered

FreedomWorks Tea Party Plan

Take the Risk, by Ben Carson

Suicide of a Superpower, by Pat Buchanan

Speaking for Myself, by Sarah Huckabee Sanders

2022 State of the Union address to Congress

2021 State of the Union address to Congress

Smart on Crime, by Kamala Harris (Oct. 2009)

Shortest Way Home, by Pete Buttigieg

Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate, by Bob Woodward

Vermont Senate candidates, past and present

Texas Senate candidates, past and present

South Carolina Senate candidates, past and present

New York Senate candidates, past and present

Illinois Senate candidates, past and present

California Senate candidates, past and present

A Senator Speaks Out, by Rick Santorum (June 8, 2005)

Republican Leader: ~ by John David Dyche

President Ted Cruz, by W. Lawrence Lipton

The Party's Over, by former Florida Governor Charlie Crist

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton On The Issues, by Jesse Gordon of OnTheIssues.org

Trump and Pence vs. Clinton and Kaine

Obama-Biden vs. Romney-Ryan On The Issues:
Side-by-side stances on the issues, by Jesse Gordon of OnTheIssues.org

Obamanomics: How Barack Obama Is Bankrupting You, by Timothy P. Carney

Now Or Never, by Sen. Jim DeMint

Nine and Counting, by Catherine Whitney

Yahoo News

Wikipedia.org political website

Texas newspaper: The Houston Chronicle


Charleston Post and Courier

Reason Magazine

Our Revolution endorsement

New York newspaper: The New York Post

New York newspaper: The New York Daily News

National Public Radio political news

The National Press Club

Newsweek magazine

MO newspaper: The Columbia Daily Tribune

The Metro

KY newspaper: The Louisville Courier-Journal

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Jacobin Magazine

Foreign Policy magazine

The Washington Post, 2010-2019

Catholic News Service

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Political coverage by the Associated Press

AK newspaper: Anchorage Daily News

Georgia state legislative records

Republican Leader, by John David Dyche

Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork, by Mike Huckabee

Hopes and Prospects, by Noam Chomsky

Wisconsin candidates for Governor, past and present

God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy, by Gov. Mike Huckabee

Give Us Liberty, by Rep. Dick Armey

Fortunate Son, by J. H. Hatfield

FeelTheBern grassroots website

The Dysfunctional President, by Paul Fick

Courage to Stand, by Tim Pawlenty (Jan. 11, 2011)

Core of Conviction, by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R, MN)

The Blair Years, by Alastair Campbell

Biden Cabinet members actions and issues

Barack and Joe, by Steven Levingston

And I Haven't Had a Bad Day Since, by Charles Rangel

American Dynasty: The House of Bush, by Kevin Phillips

Jeb Bush: Aggressive Conservatism in Florida, by Robert E. Crew

CNN "State of the Union" interviews, throughout 2021

2020 South Carolina Senator's race

CNN N. H. Town Hall on eve of N. H. primary

Meet the Press interviews, throughout 2018

CBS "Face the Nation" interviews, thoughout 2018

ABC This Week interviews, throughout 2018

ABC This Week interviews, throughout 2017

The Hill on 2016 campaigns

Speeches at the 2016 RNC

Meet the Press interviews, throughout 2016

2016 Kentucky Senate race

2016 California Senate race

The Hill on 2014 campaigns

Roll Call on 2014 campaigns

Fact-checking on the 2012 Presidential and Senatorial races

2011 FactCheck

Survey of 2009 and 2010 Senate campaign websites

100 Innovative Ideas for Florida's Future, by Marco Rubio

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Sen.Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
CEO Andrew Yang (D-NY)
Stacey Abrams on Principles & Values
Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger (GA); 2020 Veepstakes contender
Click here for 16 full quotes by Stacey Abrams OR click here for Stacey Abrams on other issues.
  • Joined corporate wing of Democrats, rather than Bernie wing. (May 2020)
  • If I didn't speak up for myself, no one else would. (Apr 2020)
  • Run for the job you want; I'm best on executive side. (Nov 2019)
  • Prefers organizing systems for change to legislating. (May 2019)
  • First black woman as major party governor nominee. (Mar 2019)
  • Yale Law School; tax attorney and romance novelist. (Mar 2019)
  • What do I want, and how do I get there? (Mar 2019)
  • The best ideas & the best policies are collaborative. (Mar 2019)
  • Short-sighted leaders have definite opinion about everything. (Mar 2019)
  • I author romance novels, but I'm not married. (Mar 2019)
  • Election loss: Something being legal does not make it right. (Nov 2018)
  • Endorsed by Our Revolution national progressive group. (May 2018)
  • Leadership requires confidence, insight, sheer bravado. (Apr 2018)
  • Sometimes we fail, our task is to embrace the failure. (Apr 2018)
  • When time not on our side, prepare for the long haul. (Apr 2018)
  • Oppose monument to Ten Commandments at State Capitol. (Mar 2014)
Justin Amash on Principles & Values
Independent MI Rep; possible Presidential Challenger
Click here for 19 full quotes by Justin Amash OR click here for Justin Amash on other issues.
  • Don't need same rules from community to community. (May 2020)
  • Pushed libertarian ideas into Republican Party. (May 2020)
  • Blessing to be born here; this is the best country on Earth. (May 2020)
  • Most people are libertarian, not superpartisan & superangry. (Apr 2020)
  • Partisanship undercutting our constitutional basis. (Jul 2019)
  • People put up with Congress because economy is good. (Jul 2019)
  • People want open, honest representation. (Jul 2019)
  • Father immigrated as Palestinian refugee. (Jul 2019)
  • I've disenchanted and frightened by hyperpartisanship. (Jul 2019)
  • Leaving the Republican Party to avoid partisan death spiral. (Jul 2019)
  • Amash's call for impeachment condemned by Freedom Caucus. (May 2019)
  • Nobody wins in a trade war. (May 2019)
  • President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct. (May 2019)
  • Mueller Report revealed crimes & violations of public trust. (May 2019)
  • Trump obstructed justice despite no Russia collusion. (May 2019)
  • Assure America's greatness by recommitting to constitution. (Sep 2011)
  • Member of the Tea Party movement. (Aug 2010)
  • Member of the Republican Study Committee. (Jan 2016)
  • Founding member of the House Freedom Caucus. (Jan 2017)
Joe Biden on Principles & Values
Former Vice President; previously Democratic Senator (DE)
Click here for 110 full quotes by Joe Biden OR click here for 27 older headlines OR click here for Joe Biden on other issues.
  • America is an idea: we are all created equal. (Apr 2021)
  • Democracy is fragile; democracy has prevailed. (Nov 2020)
  • Do I look like a socialist? I've taken on Castro & Putin. (Oct 2020)
  • FactCheck: No, only 50% of recent presidents were Ivy league. (Sep 2020)
  • Trump could have saved 37,000 lives if he had shared info. (Sep 2020)
  • Asking if 70+ year old is fit is legitimate question. (Aug 2020)
  • Four historic crises, all at the same time: a perfect storm. (Aug 2020)
  • Coronavirus: Trump should do his job, not personalize it. (Mar 2020)
  • Leadership: reassure, rely on experts, management. (Mar 2020)
  • Biden will run on most progressive Democratic platform ever. (Mar 2020)
  • People not looking for a revolution: looking for results. (Mar 2020)
  • Won't promise to serve one term unless change in health. (Feb 2020)
  • There's nothing beyond the capacity of the American people. (Feb 2020)
  • President has to reach out & pull country together. (Feb 2020)
  • A bigger uphill climb with a democratic socialist ticket. (Feb 2020)
  • Trump's lies about me are so bad that TV won't show them. (Jan 2020)
  • No evidence of any corruption by Biden in Ukraine. (Dec 2019)
  • Constitutional necessity to impeach; do not re-elect Trump. (Dec 2019)
  • AdWatch: World laughs at Trump for dangerous incompetence. (Dec 2019)
  • Keep the Justice Department independent of politics. (Nov 2019)
  • FactCheck:Yes, entered & left Congress as one of the poorest. (Oct 2019)
  • Congress had no choice but to move on impeachment. (Oct 2019)
  • Deal with loss by finding purpose in what you do. (Sep 2019)
  • Memory of lost family members will someday bring a smile. (Nov 2017)
  • Never, never bet against the American people. (Sep 2016)
  • OpEd: McConnell can work with Biden; he talks AND listens. (May 2016)
  • 1973: Base Nixon's resignation on violations, not politics. (Oct 2010)
  • 1987: Anti-Bork most organized opposition to Court nominee. (Oct 2010)
  • Most decisive moment: engaging in civil rights movement. (Aug 2007)
  • Under Trump we're weaker, sicker, poorer, and more divided. (Sep 2020)

    Campaign Themes

  • Unity Agenda: Four big things we can do together. (Mar 2022)
  • The nation is not as divided as we make it out to be. (Feb 2021)
  • OpEd: Biden no moderate: highly liberal record. (Nov 2020)
  • At this historic moment, unity is the path forward. (Nov 2020)
  • Promises to be a president to all Americans. (Oct 2020)
  • Am I worthy of your vote? It's a sacred opportunity. (Oct 2020)
  • In politics, you don't hold grudges, even if you're Irish. (Oct 2020)
  • Got to heal the nation, can't do it divided. (Oct 2020)
  • There's nothing we can't do if we do it together. (Sep 2020)
  • I am the Democratic Party right now. (Sep 2020)
  • Bring together a divided nation and a world in disarray. (Sep 2020)
  • President's job is to heal; country needs healing. (Aug 2020)
  • Expect government to understand people's problems. (Aug 2020)
  • I will be an ally of the light, not the darkness. (Aug 2020)
  • I believe America ready to face difficult crises. (Aug 2020)
  • President's job is to represent all of us, not just his base. (Aug 2020)
  • We have a great purpose: to be a light to the world again. (Aug 2020)
  • Americans are strong and tough; tell them the truth. (Mar 2020)
  • I commit to nominating a woman as my Vice President. (Mar 2020)
  • People are looking for results, not a revolution. (Mar 2020)
  • We need to defeat Trump AND gain a Senate majority. (Nov 2019)
  • With age comes wisdom; and for me, experience on Day One. (Oct 2019)
  • Better positioned than any country to own 21st century. (Oct 2019)
  • A united America can move forward. (Jun 2019)
  • We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. (Apr 2019)
  • Restore America's soul: bigotry is not an American value. (Feb 2019)
  • Biden Doctrine: Stick up for the little guy. (Oct 2017)
  • Personal connection is key trait of all world leaders. (Oct 2017)
  • 35-year track record of accomplishments. (Oct 2008)
  • Failure is at times inevitable but giving up is unforgivable. (Aug 2008)
  • Everyone is your equal, and everyone is equal to you. (Aug 2008)
  • Politics is a noble calling. (Jul 2007)

    Past Campaigns

  • Former president created web of lies; can't accept he lost. (Jan 2022)
  • You can't love your country only when you win. (Jan 2022)
  • Resounding victory among SC blacks turned primary around. (Apr 2020)
  • If Putin interferes, there will be consequences. (Feb 2020)
  • I'm the only Dem candidate who's gotten big things done. (Oct 2019)
  • 2007 debates: Pundits say Biden won; people say Obama won. (Oct 2019)
  • 1972: unseated Republican incumbent Senator Caleb Boggs. (Oct 2017)
  • 1972 campaign ad: "Do you trust me?". (Oct 2017)
  • Accused of plagiarism in 1987 presidential primary debate. (Oct 2017)
  • 1987: Accused of plagiarizing Neil Kinnock's speech. (Oct 2010)
  • 1966: Required to retake law school course for plagiarism. (Oct 2010)
  • 2008: Lawsuits accused him of defrauding business partner. (Nov 2009)
  • Insulted Indian-Americans in attempt to compliment vibrancy. (Nov 2007)
  • MoveOn.org has not changed politics. (Sep 2007)
  • 1970: won first election, to County Council, in GOP district. (Jul 2007)
  • 1972: beat GOP incumbent; 2nd youngest Senator ever elected. (Jul 2007)
  • His book “Promises to Keep” written before presidential race. (Jul 2007)
  • Knocked out of 1988 race due to plagiarizing a speech. (Oct 2005)

    Personal Background

  • Not about my family or his; about the American people. (Sep 2020)
  • Member of the same club: those who stutter. (Aug 2020)
  • Best way through pain and loss and grief is to find purpose. (Aug 2020)
  • Son Beau died of brain cancer despite experimental surgery. (Nov 2017)
  • School nuns helped Joey overcome boyhood stuttering. (Oct 2017)
  • 1988: suffered brain aneurysm and 9-hour emergency surgery. (Oct 2017)
  • Greatest gift God gave mankind is the ability to forget. (Mar 2014)
  • Favorite movie: “Chariots of Fire”, for real heroism. (Oct 2008)
  • Childhood stuttering strengthened me. (Jul 2007)
  • 1972: Wife & child killed in pre-inauguration auto accident. (Jul 2007)
  • Remarried in 1977, willing to give up Senate for Jill. (Jul 2007)
  • 1988: suffered aneurysm requiring brain surgery. (Jul 2007)

    President Obama

  • VP should be the last one in the room on major decisions. (Aug 2020)
  • We had to wait until after election to tell about it. (Feb 2020)
  • Vice-presidency is derivative; it reflects president's power. (Mar 2014)
  • 2008: Preferred Secretary of State role to Vice Presidency. (Jan 2010)
  • We need a wise leader like Obama, not just a good soldier. (Aug 2008)
  • We should embrace change just like the previous generations. (Aug 2008)
  • Apologized for saying Barack Obama was clean and articulate. (Apr 2007)


  • Segment of American Church questions Biden's Catholicism. (Jan 2021)
  • Publicly open about his faith without imposing it on others. (Jan 2021)
  • Cited hymn "On Eagle's Wings" in his victory speech. (Jan 2021)
  • Catholic doctrine taught me faith without works is dead. (Jan 2021)
  • Thought about priesthood, but dated a lot of girls. (Oct 2017)
  • 1973: Reconsidered priesthood after losing wife in car crash. (Oct 2010)
  • Prayer gives you strength, but doesn’t prevent crises. (Aug 2007)
  • Religion informs my values; my reason dictates outcomes. (Jul 2007)
  • Voted NO on confirming Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice. (Jan 2006)
  • Voted NO on confirming John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. (Sep 2005)
  • Religious affiliation: Catholic. (Nov 2000)
Don Blankenship on Principles & Values
WV Senate contender and Constitution Party presidential nominee
Click here for 5 full quotes by Don Blankenship OR click here for Don Blankenship on other issues.
  • Acknowledges blessing of Jesus Christ as ruler of US. (May 2020)
  • Opposed to government involvement in gambling. (May 2020)
  • Wants to go from the "big house" to the White House. (Nov 2019)
  • Grew up poor, but didn't know it. (May 2019)
  • I'm Trumpier than Trump, despite Trump opposition. (May 2018)
Mike Bloomberg on Principles & Values
Mayor of New York City (Independent)
Click here for 22 full quotes by Mike Bloomberg OR click here for Mike Bloomberg on other issues.
  • I will support any Democratic nominee against Trump. (Feb 2020)
  • Ran as Republican because NYC Dems wouldn't let me on ballot. (Feb 2020)
  • If elected will put company into blind trust and sell it. (Feb 2020)
  • Ridiculous to throw out capitalism; communism doesn't work. (Feb 2020)
  • Knows how to beat Trump and his vile policies. (Nov 2019)
  • Words matter; what President says is very important. (Aug 2019)
  • American Cities Initiative philanthropies gave away $6.4B. (Feb 2019)
  • Trump was not a business manager; I ran large organizations. (Apr 2018)
  • Keep religion and politics separate. (Jan 2014)
  • Self-made billionaire from financial information company. (Sep 2010)
  • 1940s: Raised in Medford, reached Eagle Scout at early age. (Sep 2010)
  • Childhood home included kosher kitchen, but mom bent rules. (Sep 2010)
  • Bill Clinton's sin was self-indulgence, not immorality. (Sep 2010)
  • Outsider to both Republican and Democratic establishment. (Sep 2010)
  • OpEd: Stiff in public; impatient with retail handshaking. (Sep 2010)
  • Impatient with government; executive ok; not legislative. (Sep 2010)
  • Offered independent ticket by Sen. Chuck Hagel (R, NE). (May 2007)
  • Will decide in early ‘08 on run as self-financed independent. (Mar 2007)
  • Acquisition of money inextricably tied to hard work. (Oct 2005)
  • Charitable giving based on “Where can I make a difference?”. (Oct 2005)
  • Started Bloomberg company after Salomon Bros. fired him. (Aug 2001)
  • Candidates' religious beliefs should be kept private. (Sep 2010)
Cory Booker on Principles & Values
Mayor of Newark; N.J. Senator; 2020 presidential contender (withdrawn)
Click here for 33 full quotes by Cory Booker OR click here for Cory Booker on other issues.
  • This election is about all of us standing together. (Dec 2019)
  • Unlike Trump who demeans, will bring country together. (Nov 2019)
  • Impeachment: We need a moral moment, not a political one. (Oct 2019)
  • Rugged individualism is fine, but we must work together. (Oct 2019)
  • His faith taught love, so he fought his own homophobia. (Oct 2019)
  • Unity of purpose leads to transformative change. (Sep 2019)
  • It's not who's racist; it's what are you doing about it. (Aug 2019)
  • Trump is acting as an authoritarian against the Constitution. (Jul 2019)
  • Trump divides America; we need to heal and move forward. (Jul 2019)
  • Understand our common purpose to address our common pain. (Jul 2019)
  • 1998: won first race for Newark City Council. (Jul 2019)
  • I've taken on bullies & won, by seeing common purpose. (Jun 2019)
  • Supports impeachment investigation necessary to get to truth. (Jun 2019)
  • Trump undermines constitutional intent: no one above the law. (Jun 2019)
  • We succeed by showing the best of who we are. (May 2019)
  • Pragmatic Democrat: support private/faith-based initiatives. (Aug 2016)
  • 2010 stump speech: Work to perfect America. (Aug 2016)
  • Even those with no religion are entitled to rights. (Jul 2016)
  • As we owe the past, we must pay for the future. (Jul 2016)
  • Raised in only black family in segregated neighborhood. (Feb 2016)
  • After law school, worked with non-profits for city kids. (Feb 2016)
  • Father raised in 1930s colored funeral home. (Feb 2016)
  • First African-American senator from New Jersey. (Oct 2013)
  • Money to cities is ok: we're one state with one destiny. (Oct 2013)
  • Vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker, but over-eater. (Dec 2012)
  • Grew up in Harrington Park; commuted from Newark to Yale. (May 2012)
  • Won with rainbow coalition, but softest support among blacks. (May 2012)
  • Show your religion in how you treat other people. (Apr 2012)
  • I believe in Newark as the city of opportunity. (Feb 2008)
  • Led effort for religious freedom via no religious registry. (Jan 2017)
  • Question Trump on Emoluments clause. (May 2017)
  • Rated Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted. (Jan 2021)
  • Create Commission to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol riots. (Jun 2021)
Pete Buttigieg on Principles & Values
Democratic Presidential Challenger; IN Mayor
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  • Transportation makes the American dream possible. (Dec 2020)
  • Can't keep letting infrastructure week be a punch line. (Dec 2020)
  • Nobody this side of paradise can fix anything alone. (Feb 2020)
  • We can accomplish goals without polarization. (Feb 2020)
  • This is a time for belonging, not exclusion. (Feb 2020)
  • Government belongs to people of every religion & no religion. (Feb 2020)
  • No purity tests: welcome Republicans and wealthy people. (Dec 2019)
  • America known as country that keeps its word. (Oct 2019)
  • Religious freedom does not mean the right to hurt others. (Oct 2019)
  • Unity and bold ideas will solve our challenges. (Sep 2019)
  • Politics is not theoretical; our generation must deliver. (Jun 2019)
  • The world needs America at our best. (Jun 2019)
  • Ensure that America's future is better than its past. (May 2019)
  • We cannot find greatness in the past. (May 2019)
  • God does not have a political party. (Apr 2019)
  • If I had been given a choice, I would have not been gay. (Apr 2019)
  • Supports religious values and separation of church and state. (Mar 2019)
  • Tension between capitalism and democracy America's challenge. (Mar 2019)
  • Progressive, but not concerned with labels. (Mar 2019)
  • National service can unite Americans. (Mar 2019)
  • 1990s: Nominated Bernie Sanders for Profile in Courage award. (Feb 2019)
  • 2000: worked for Gore, but Bush was same on domestic policy. (Feb 2019)
  • Invest in mental health and build community. (Oct 2019)

    2020 Presidential Race

  • Didn't set out to be gay president; sees how it's meaningful. (Feb 2020)
  • I'm the only presidential candidate who's not a millionaire. (Dec 2019)
  • Qualified for president since mayors have to get things done. (Dec 2019)
  • Right experience, not traditional Washington experience. (Nov 2019)
  • Would be youngest president ever, and first mayor. (Mar 2019)
  • Yes, young, but more government experience than Pres. Trump. (Mar 2019)
  • Name recognition is key; his is pronounced "Buddha-judge". (Feb 2019)
  • My success shows that Democrats can win in Flyover Country. (Feb 2019)
  • For DNC chair: "A Letter from Flyover Country". (Feb 2019)

    Trump Impeachment

  • Congress had no choice but to impeach Trump. (Dec 2019)
  • Impeachment should be above politics, but Trump confessed. (Nov 2019)
  • Impeachment is not just about Trump, but about presidency. (Oct 2019)
  • Purpose of presidency is unification, not self-glorification. (Oct 2019)
  • Won't demand prosecution of Trump; that's AG's call. (Jun 2019)
  • Not up to the president to decide who should be prosecuted. (Jun 2019)
  • Rejecting foreign election interference isn't complicated. (Jun 2019)
Julian Castro on Principles & Values
Democratic Presidential Challenger (withdrawn); former HUD Secretary
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  • Bold, new vision to lift up Americans. (Sep 2019)
  • President should bring people together, not divide. (Aug 2019)
  • Trump should be impeached for obstruction of justice. (Jul 2019)
  • Mueller Report is clear that Trump deserves impeachment. (Jul 2019)
  • Make America better than it's ever been. (Jul 2019)
  • Help me build the future as one nation with one destiny. (Jul 2019)
  • Grew up with Catholic tradition and progressive activism. (Jul 2019)
  • Estoy postulando por presidente de los Estados Unidos. (Jun 2019)
  • Make America smartest, healthiest, fairest & most prosperous. (Mar 2019)
  • Jo & Ju. (Oct 2018)
Bill de Blasio on Principles & Values
NYC Mayor; Democratic Presidential Challenger (withdrawn)
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  • Restructure society: tax the hell out of the wealthy. (Jul 2019)
  • Impeach Trump, but Dems should talk about working people. (Jul 2019)
  • Restructure society: tax the hell out of the wealthy. (Jul 2019)
  • Talk about day-to-day issues, not impeachment. (Apr 2019)
  • People are looking for bold, progressive change. (Apr 2019)
  • A progressive who wants to change things. (Dec 2017)
  • We lost our identity in trap of triangulation & moderation. (Dec 2017)
  • Religious identity: spiritual but not religious. (Jan 2014)
Rocky De La Fuente on Principles & Values
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  • Require highest ethical standards and oversight. (Jun 2020)
Tulsi Gabbard on Principles & Values
Democratic Presidential Challenger; HI Rep.
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  • Voted "present" because of lack of bipartisan support. (Dec 2019)
  • Treat people with "Aloha spirit" of respect and justice. (Nov 2019)
  • Hillary Clinton & military-industrial complex smearing me. (Oct 2019)
  • Supports impeachment inquiry providing info to Americans. (Oct 2019)
  • Would be youngest president, but has experience. (Oct 2019)
  • Treat people with respect, even when we disagree strongly. (Oct 2019)
  • Bring spirit of patriotism to the White House. (Jul 2019)
  • To understand socialism, look at Venezuela. (Mar 2019)
  • Labels like "capitalist" and "socialist" are misused. (Mar 2019)
  • Endorsed by Our Revolution national progressive group. (Nov 2016)
  • Question Trump on Emoluments clause. (May 2017)
Kirsten Gillibrand on Principles & Values
Democratic Senator (NY); Democratic Candidate for President (withdrawn)
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  • Trump has torn apart fabric of this country. (Jul 2019)
  • Women in America are on fire; not the time to play it safe. (Jun 2019)
  • Pushed to oust Al Franken from Senate for sexual harassment. (Apr 2019)
  • Weight has always been an issue for me. (Sep 2014)
  • Weekly "Sunlight Report" detailing how she spends her time. (Sep 2014)
  • Won in Republican district; Democrats outnumbered 2-1. (Sep 2014)
  • It's a lie that ambition is counter to feminism. (Sep 2014)
  • Accused of hiding facts connecting cigarettes and cancer. (Oct 2010)
  • Interned for Republican Sen. Alfonse D'Amato. (Jan 2009)
  • Voted YES on confirming of Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court. (Aug 2009)
  • Member of the "Blue Dog" Coalition of conservative Democrats. (Nov 2007)
  • Question Trump on Emoluments clause. (May 2017)
  • Rated Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted. (Jan 2021)
  • Create Commission to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol riots. (Jun 2021)
Mike Gravel on Principles & Values
Libertarian for President; Former Dem. Senator (AK); withdrew from Presidential primary July 2019
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  • Made debate donor count with help from opponent Williamson. (Jul 2019)
  • Push Dems toward sensible views on political reform. (Mar 2019)
  • Served in US Army in the Cold War in Europe. (May 2008)
  • Political career started as teen handing out campaign flyers. (May 2008)
  • Dyslexic, hence became avid political reader at a late age. (May 2008)
  • As army spy, felt rotten spying on innocent people. (May 2008)
  • Moved to pre-statehood Alaska because no political elite. (May 2008)
  • Conservatives support the rich; liberals support the state. (Jan 2008)
  • Gadfly who’s mad as hell at Democratic Establishment. (Nov 2007)
  • No-nonsense challenge to mainstream Democratic shuffling. (Nov 2007)
  • Protests being cut out of debate as free speech issue. (Oct 2007)
  • I believe in the power of love over the power of prayer. (Aug 2007)
  • Leadership brings society to civic maturity on tough issues. (Aug 2007)
  • Leaders are seen as mavericks, and only later as courageous. (Aug 2007)
  • Let the people decide: Solution is with you, not leaders. (Mar 2007)
  • US citizens should be allowed to vote for or against laws. (Feb 2007)
  • Citizen Power: democracy requires participation. (Jan 1972)

    Campaign Videos

  • 2008: YouTube political "video art" went viral. (Mar 2019)
  • Withdrew from politics for 26 years, ashamed of politics. (May 2008)
  • Video: "Power to the people vs give peace a chance". (Jan 2008)
  • Decisive moment: realizing representative gov’t is broken. (Aug 2007)
  • Video “Fire” is metaphor for gathering & using experience. (Jun 2007)
  • Video “Rock” is metaphor for causing changes in society. (Jun 2007)

    Past Campaigns

  • 1958: Ran for Alaska Legislature as prep for US Senate. (May 2008)
  • 1965: False promise to opponent to get House speakership. (May 2008)
  • 1980: Forced into bankruptcy by bad real estate deals. (May 2008)
  • Lost re-election after alienating every AK constituency. (Nov 2007)
  • Blogosphere hails Gravel/Paul ticket with cross-party appeal. (Nov 2007)
  • Wildcard independent run raises specter of Nader. (Nov 2007)
  • Clintons & DLC sold out the Democratic Party to Wall Street. (Jul 2007)
  • GOP lost in 2006 because they were lousy; Dems must earn ‘08. (Jun 2007)
  • Did not plan on presidency, but candidates are frightening. (Apr 2007)
  • Achieved much in Senate, but prefers governors for president. (Feb 2007)
  • Came in 3rd for Vice Presidential nomination in 1972. (Jan 2007)
  • Has campaigned in NH almost fulltime since April 2006. (Jan 2007)
Kamala Harris on Principles & Values
Democratic candidate for President (withdrawn); California Senator
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  • January 6th, 2021 will echo throughout history. (Jan 2022)
  • Dual nature of democracy -- fragility and strength. (Jan 2022)
  • Jan. 6 was an exposure of the vulnerability of our democracy. (Jan 2021)
  • Cut off in Senate questioning: Courage, Not Courtesy. (Jan 2021)
  • Admires Hindu goddess Kali: warrior & mother figure. (Jan 2021)
  • We have broad support and will bring integrity back. (Oct 2020)
  • Biden is my model for being a great vice president. (Aug 2020)
  • OpEd: Checks gender and race boxes, but not a progressive. (Aug 2020)
  • Impeachment: McConnell doesn't want trial, wants cover-up. (Dec 2019)
  • Trump committed crimes in plain sight. (Oct 2019)
  • We have much more in common than what separates us. (Oct 2019)
  • The power of a president's support will help LGBTQ youth. (Oct 2019)
  • Commonalities unite us more than racism divides us. (Sep 2019)
  • Trump should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. (Jul 2019)
  • Fight for the best of who we are. (Jul 2019)
  • Stepchildren call her "Momala" instead of "stepmother". (Jul 2019)
  • A president who leads with dignity, honesty, truth. (Jun 2019)
  • Words matter; leaders cannot be ignorant of history of race. (Jun 2019)
  • FactCheck: Constitutionally eligible to run for presidency. (Jan 2019)
  • Co-sponsored Do No Harm Act: keep church and state separate. (Aug 2018)
  • First Indian-American to serve in the U.S. Senate. (Nov 2016)
  • Grandfather served as high-level diplomat in India. (Oct 2009)
  • Question Trump on Emoluments clause. (May 2017)
  • Rated Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted. (Jan 2021)
Howie Hawkins on Principles & Values
Green Party Challenger for President
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  • Picked actual progressive woman of color as running mate. (Aug 2020)
  • Democracy needs socialism; socialize many economic sectors. (May 2019)
  • Danger of Trump doesn't mean electing "any damned Democrat". (Apr 2019)
  • Third parties force issues neglected by major parties. (Nov 2018)
John Hickenlooper on Principles & Values
Democratic Presidential Challenger (withdrew, Aug. 2019); CO Governor
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  • Favoring socialism is a disaster at the ballot box. (Jul 2019)
  • I share progressive values, but I'm more pragmatic. (Jul 2019)
  • Kept "Mile High" in name of Denver Broncos stadium. (Jun 2019)
  • Socialist policies will not appeal to Americans. (May 2019)
  • Work with Republicans to advance progressive priorities. (Mar 2019)
  • Suffers from mild case of prosopagnosia, or "face blindness". (May 2016)
  • Governance needs compromise to work. (Jan 2016)
  • Operate government with more common sense and less nonsense. (Jan 2014)
  • Coloradoans' resilience due to shared values, community. (Nov 2011)
  • Rated Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted. (Jan 2021)
  • Create Commission to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol riots. (Jun 2021)
Jo Jorgensen on Principles & Values
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  • Government should not interfere in matters of religion. (Nov 2020)
  • Coronavirus lockdown felt like "house arrest". (Jul 2020)
  • Challenge cult of omnipotent state, defend individual rights. (May 2020)
  • Protect religious liberty, according to AFA survey. (Sep 2020)
John Kasich on Principles & Values
Republican Governor; previously Representative (OH-12); 2000 & 2016 candidate for President
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  • Addressed Democratic Convention as "Republican for Biden". (Aug 2020)
  • Asking for foreign help in elections is wrong. (Oct 2019)
  • OpEd: moderate Republican who has been critical or Trump. (Mar 2019)
  • OpEd: Realism & anti-liberalism define #NeverTrump ideology. (Mar 2019)
  • Why not a bipartisan ticket for president & veep? (Nov 2018)
  • The press is a critical foundation of freedom--not the enemy. (Apr 2018)
  • I didn't leave the Republican Party; it left me. (Apr 2018)
  • Respect for secular humanists. (Mar 2018)
  • Two-party system no longer appeals to majority of voters. (Feb 2018)
  • Democracy rises up from the many, not down from the few. (Apr 2017)
  • Republican Party is my vehicle, not my master. (Apr 2017)
  • The sun is going to rise to the zenith in America again. (Apr 2017)
  • Civilization's enemies seek America's fall. (Apr 2017)
  • Path to darkness is seeing America broken by "the other". (Apr 2017)
  • Cast vote in 2016 presidential race for John McCain. (Apr 2017)
  • Leaders need vision that excites the team they've built. (Apr 2017)
  • America's divided; reunite by thinking bigger than ourselves. (Apr 2017)
  • Focus on common humanity and fix problems where we live. (Apr 2017)
  • America's great, and you can shoot for the stars. (Feb 2016)
  • Establishment lane, anti-establishment lane & Kasich lane. (Jan 2016)
  • Need to promote Western values to win war of ideas. (Nov 2015)
  • Capitalism needs values to avoid unfettered greed. (Nov 2015)
  • Conservative government will rebuild American from bottom up. (Nov 2015)
  • Get this country moving again. (Oct 2015)
  • For the presidency. qualifications trump personal religion. (Sep 2015)
  • Battle radicals by showing greatness of west. (Sep 2015)
  • America is great because it's run from the bottom up. (Sep 2015)
  • We turned Ohio around; people have hope again. (Aug 2015)
  • OpEd: Impatient with bureaucracy & with partisan posturing. (Mar 2015)
  • Kasich rhymes with Basic. (Nov 2010)
  • Hosted Fox News program "Heartland with John Kasich". (Jun 2010)
  • I can't figure out how anyone gets along without the Bible. (May 2006)
  • I don't care what you stand for, but stand for something. (May 2006)
  • As college student, wrote to Pres. Nixon and then they met. (May 2006)
  • 1970s: Beat entrenched incumbent state senator 56%-44%. (May 2006)
  • Power flows from the individual to the government. (May 1999)


  • The Lord wants America to succeed and for America to lead. (Aug 2015)
  • Biblical manifesto: old law is gone; have faith in God. (Jun 2010)
  • Belonged to Bible study group for 20 years. (Jun 2010)
  • I find God every other Monday. (Jun 2010)
  • Learned faith via pastor dying of cancer. (Jun 2010)
  • Sought God after parents' death in car crash. (Jun 2010)
  • Living life of faith can be a liberating thing. (Jun 2010)
  • Objective moral values have existed since Creation. (Jun 2010)
  • Catholic Church has been unaccountable on sex abuse charges. (May 2006)
  • Always carries copy of St Augustine's "Confessions". (May 2006)
  • Built relationship with God after parents died in car crash. (May 2006)
  • Religious affiliation: Christian. (Nov 2000)
  • Member of the Tea Party movement. (Aug 2010)
  • Contract with America: 10 bills in 1st 100 days of Congress. (Sep 1994)
Amy Klobuchar on Principles & Values
DFL Sr Senator (MN); Democratic presidential contender
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  • A passion for political compromise. (Feb 2020)
  • Will bring rural and suburban voters together to win. (Feb 2020)
  • Need a president with heart, unlike Trump. (Feb 2020)
  • Watching president speak used to be important for citizens. (Feb 2020)
  • OpEd: Reputation for screaming & demeaning staff. (Feb 2020)
  • President focusing on personal interests risks democracy. (Nov 2019)
  • This election is a value, decency, and patriotism check. (Nov 2019)
  • Trump's actions make Russia great again, not America. (Oct 2019)
  • What unites us is bigger than what divides us. (Oct 2019)
  • I'm the street-fighter from the Iron Range. (Jul 2019)
  • I passed over 100 bills because I listen and I act. (Jun 2019)
  • Heartland Amy: an experienced bipartisan pragmatist. (May 2019)
  • Hold president accountable with investigations & election. (Apr 2019)
  • Minnesota Nice: reliable, calm, aw-shucks bipartisanship. (Nov 2018)
  • Nicknamed "The Senator of Small Things," but some are big. (Nov 2018)
  • Minnesota Nice: Disagree without being disagreeable. (Nov 2018)
  • From Slovenian immigrants; "Klobuchar" means "hatmaker". (Aug 2015)
  • Voted with Democratic Party 94.1% of 324 votes. (Sep 2007)
  • This election is about change; crowd in charge won’t do it. (Oct 2006)
  • Voted YES on confirming of Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court. (Aug 2009)
  • Question Trump on Emoluments clause. (May 2017)
  • Rated Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted. (Jan 2021)
  • Create Commission to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol riots. (Jun 2021)
Gloria La Riva on Principles & Values
Party for Socialism and Liberation nominee for President
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  • Make the essentials of life into constitutional rights. (Aug 2020)
  • Art is an integral part of daily life, not a commodity. (Aug 2020)
Beto O`Rourke on Principles & Values
Democratic candidate for President; Texas Senator nominee
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  • Impeachment: Can't fail those who sacrificed for our country. (Oct 2019)
  • 1600 miles with Republican led to finding common ground. (Oct 2019)
  • Deliver on issues but address threat Trump is to democracy. (Aug 2019)
  • Trump espouses racism & division, but problem predates him. (Aug 2019)
  • America discovers its greatness at moments of greatest need. (Jul 2019)
  • Can't let Trump abuse power; must act to save democracy. (Jun 2019)
  • New politics for the urgency of the next generation. (Jun 2019)
  • Impeach Trump to get facts & assure accountability. (Jun 2019)
  • Future Justice Dept. should follow facts on Trump. (Jun 2019)
  • Listen to voters, not special interests. (Jun 2019)
  • Supports Congress term limits; leaving House after 6 years. (Mar 2017)
  • Represents El Paso, world's largest binational community. (Nov 2011)
  • Religious freedom means no religious registry. (May 2016)
Barack Obama on Principles & Values
Democratic President (2009-2017); IL Senator (2004-2008)
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  • Presidency means reverence for democracy placed in his care. (Aug 2020)
  • Goal of transition to Trump: grace and dignity. (Nov 2018)
  • Michelle Obama has no intention of running for office, ever. (Nov 2018)
  • Profile in Courage Award for grace under pressure. (Mar 2017)
  • OpEd: Obama tries to make you think he's smartest in room. (May 2016)
  • America is defined by innovative spirit: it's in our DNA. (Jan 2016)
  • Democracy is frustrating, but it makes countries stronger. (Sep 2015)
  • Put nation's interests before party. (Feb 2013)
  • If all Americans get opportunity, we're all better off. (Oct 2012)
  • Letters from Americans: This is who we are fighting for. (Sep 2012)
  • OpEd: Offered a third way; but hid left-of-center agenda. (Jun 2012)
  • OpEd: Many blacks voted for Obama only because he's black. (Jan 2012)
  • Compact in past decades: do your job & make it in America. (Sep 2011)
  • OpEd: seeks newer New Deals and greater Great Societies. (Feb 2011)
  • American exceptionalism is same as any other exceptionalism. (Nov 2010)
  • 92% of Tea Partiers: "Obama is moving US toward socialism". (Sep 2010)
  • Loyal opposition is not just valuable, but a necessity. (Jan 2010)
  • Hard times test us, like we have been tested in the past. (Jan 2010)
  • Despite setbacks, Americans don't quit; & I don't quit. (Jan 2010)
  • OpEd: Comfortable with differences; downplays separations. (Jul 2009)
  • OpEd: Master of values-laden over outcome-laden language. (Jul 2009)
  • OpEd: Unflappability comes from Methodist grandparents. (Jan 2009)
  • OpEd: Combines clergy oratory with intellectual eloquence. (Jan 2009)
  • "Obama Messiah Watch": Keep eye on media gushing hyperbolic. (Jan 2009)
  • Ordinary people found the courage to keep the promise alive. (Aug 2008)
  • Measure progress by observing how ordinary people are doing. (Aug 2008)
  • Our government must keep the promise of America. (Aug 2008)
  • Fulfilling America’s promise means individual participation. (Aug 2008)
  • The American promise is our greatest inheritance. (Aug 2008)
  • Traditional conservatives value temperance & restraint. (Aug 2008)
  • OpEd: Themes of "hope" and "change" has numerous antecedents. (Aug 2008)
  • We have to demand more from ourselves. (Jul 2008)
  • Michelle: My husband demands you move out of comfort zone. (Jul 2008)
  • The Clinton years were undeniably better than the Bush years. (Jan 2008)
  • Turn the page on the failed politics & policies of the past. (Jan 2008)
  • Criticizes voter cynicism from decades of disappointment. (Oct 2007)
  • Post-1960s politics more about moral attitude than issues. (Oct 2006)
  • Americans dislike partisanship--not solution like Dems think. (Oct 2006)
  • Enlist the American people in the process of self-government. (Jan 2006)
  • Guilt is a luxury that not everyone can afford. (Aug 1996)

    Campaign Themes

  • Equality is an American value that motivates us. (Jul 2016)
  • Democracy is frustrating, but it makes countries stronger. (Sep 2015)
  • Opportunity is who we are: let's restore that promise. (Jan 2014)
  • I want to build on our strengths; invest in America. (Oct 2012)
  • This election about vision of restoring middle class values. (Sep 2012)
  • Fundamental American promise: work hard & build better life. (Sep 2012)
  • Appointed Clinton & Biden as "team of rivals," like Lincoln. (Jun 2012)
  • Effective citizenship means listening to opposing views. (Oct 2011)
  • OpEd: Transformative from individualism to collectivism. (Apr 2010)
  • Campaign slogan: "Yes, we can". (Mar 2010)
  • We've had lots of plans; but a shortage of hope. (Jan 2010)
  • We’re more decent & compassionate than last 8 years. (Aug 2008)
  • ¡Sí, se puede! Yes, we can!. (Jun 2008)
  • Life experiences taught me how to bring people together. (Feb 2008)
  • People understand we must bring the country together. (Feb 2008)
  • End politics of division; make it about addition. (Jan 2008)
  • Hope is the bedrock of this nation. (Jan 2008)
  • Resounds with American theme of overcoming burden of history. (Nov 2007)
  • Cultivates comparison to Jack Kennedy. (Nov 2007)
  • Campaigns assiduously in black churches. (Nov 2007)
  • Community politics: merges Alinsky & political activism. (Oct 2007)
  • Turn the page: invite GOP & independents to join in agenda. (Sep 2007)
  • People have an urgent desire for change in Washington. (Jul 2007)
  • A “hopemonger”, having seen the power of hope. (Jun 2007)
  • Washington can change if we say: Yes we can. (Mar 2007)
  • Replace partisan bickering with politics of hope. (Feb 2007)
  • I’ve been in DC long enough to know that it must change. (Feb 2007)
  • Progressives should recognize common morality with religion. (Oct 2006)
  • “Audacity of Hope” to change politics to reflect common good. (Oct 2006)
  • Seek common ground, not a moral crusade. (Oct 2004)
  • I’m living my parents’ dreams and the American dream. (Jul 2004)
  • Greatness based on Declaration of Independence, not military. (Jul 2004)
  • We are one people all defending the United States of America. (Jul 2004)
  • Want common-sense solutions, not liberal-conservative labels. (Jul 2004)

    Community Organizing

  • Strength comes from people, not land and raw materials. (Sep 2015)
  • Strength comes from people, not land and raw materials. (Sep 2015)
  • OpEd: greatest talent is chairing balanced meetings. (May 2010)
  • 2008 HQ phone greeting: "What can you do for us?". (Apr 2010)
  • Required email list from every candidate event he attended. (Jan 2010)
  • Headed "Project Vote!" in Chicago in 1990s. (Aug 2008)
  • Obama worked in same community as Saul Alinsky. (Aug 2008)
  • OpEd: Obama implements Alinsky's ideas of radical change. (Aug 2008)
  • Used community organizer skills as State Senator. (Aug 2008)
  • Organizer's method: from issue to action to power. (Apr 2008)
  • 1980s: Registered 150,000 voters in Chicago "Project Vote". (Apr 2008)
  • Moved to Illinois as community organizer, for $13,000 a year. (Feb 2007)
  • Poverty of political organizers was proof of their integrity. (Aug 1996)

    Family of Origin

  • Maternal grandfather fought in WWII. (Oct 2011)
  • OpEd: Black father abandoned him, yet identifies with him. (Nov 2009)
  • Father had wife in Africa when he met and married Ann Dunham. (Aug 2008)
  • Father left family for Harvard education. (Aug 2008)
  • Father's upbringing was Muslim, although never religious. (Aug 2008)
  • Father had 3 or 4 wives; Barack has at least 5 half-siblings. (Aug 2008)
  • Many attribute mother's marriages to being anthropologist. (Aug 2008)
  • Lived with grandparents in Hawaii over mother in Indonesia. (Aug 2008)
  • Would be first president to have extended family abroad. (Aug 2008)
  • OpEd: Obama invented the dreams in "Dreams from my Father". (Jul 2008)
  • Greatest mistake: absence from mother when she died. (Apr 2008)
  • Father's family from the Luo tribe of Kenya. (Apr 2008)
  • Related to both Vice Pres. Cheney and Pres. Truman. (Apr 2008)
  • Mother described as "the original feminist" at 1960 college. (Apr 2008)
  • In his 20s, searched for his identity, absent both parents. (Apr 2008)
  • Father was first African exchange student at U. Hawaii. (Aug 2007)
  • Traces ancestry to Jefferson Davis, President of Confederacy. (Feb 2007)
  • Greeted as hero on visit to ancestral Kenya. (Feb 2007)
  • Father died in car crash before Barack got to know him. (Feb 2007)
  • Full name: Barack Hussein Obama; family calls him “Barry”. (Oct 2006)

    Past Campaigns

  • 2008: supported by both Hollywood and Wall Street. (Sep 2011)
  • OpEd: Big Business gave more to Obama than McCain. (Nov 2009)
  • 2006: Started from scratch compared with Hillary & McCain. (Aug 2009)
  • 1999 Congressional loss: "I got my rear end handed to me". (Aug 2008)
  • Borrowed "Yes, we can" slogan from Cesar Chavez 1960s UFW. (Aug 2008)
  • 1996: job of state senator is organizer, teacher, & advocate. (Apr 2008)
  • 5th African-American ever elected to US Senate. (Apr 2008)
  • June 2008: YouTube hit, "I Got a Crush on Obama". (Apr 2008)
  • Campaigning on change from the bottom up that King stood for. (Jan 2008)
  • 1990: Elected Law Review president with conservative support. (Aug 2007)
  • Senate 2004 campaign theme: “Yes we can”. (Aug 2007)
  • Lost Congressional primary in 1999 to Bobby Rush. (Feb 2007)

    Personal History

  • Met Michele when both worked as interns at law firm. (Nov 2018)
  • Being president doesn't change you--it reveals who you are. (Sep 2012)
  • OpEd: Pal Bill Ayres was a bomb-throwing terrorist. (Nov 2009)
  • Developed style & attitude based on exposure to pop culture. (Jan 2009)
  • 1970s: Teen basketball player & fan of Julius "Dr. J" Erving. (Jan 2009)
  • Favorite movie: “The Godfather”, for respect & family. (Sep 2008)
  • Visited Africa 3 times; 1986, then 1992 & 2006 with Michelle. (Aug 2008)
  • In no other country is my story even possible. (Mar 2008)
  • “Dreams From My Father” is an archetypal search. (Dec 2007)
  • Obama REPRESENTS something; doesn’t have to DO anything. (Dec 2007)
  • Won Grammy for recording “Dreams from My Father”. (Nov 2007)
  • First major politician of the post-Baby Boom generation. (Oct 2007)
  • Most decisive moment: transition from high school to college. (Aug 2007)
  • High school jock--played football as defensive lineman. (Aug 2007)
  • Goal as youth: Leave the world a better place. (Aug 2007)
  • Planned on presidency since well before 2004 Convention. (Aug 2007)
  • Dreams from My Father originally about Harvard Law Review. (Aug 2007)
  • Favorite authors: E. L. Doctorow & Shakespeare. (Aug 2007)
  • To understand Obama, understand Hawaii’s cultural mix. (Aug 2007)
  • Met Michelle Robinson at law firm; married in 1990. (Aug 2007)
  • A reformed smoker but occasionally burns one. (Mar 2007)
  • Personal story is basis of political desire to unite. (Feb 2007)
  • First black president of the Harvard Law Review. (Jul 2004)

    Racism & Race

  • OpEd: Jackson & Sharpton were articulate black predecessors. (Oct 2010)
  • OpEd: Elections of underclass occurred in many countries. (Jun 2010)
  • New Yorker cover: Islamic garb & fist-bumping Michelle. (Jan 2009)
  • Am I somehow responsible for fate of entire black race? (Jan 2009)
  • No contradiction as black voice & constituent representative. (Jan 2009)
  • OpEd: March 2008 "race speech" reminder of ongoing struggle. (Jan 2009)
  • March 2008 speech on race began with "We, the people". (Jan 2009)
  • Speaks about racial anxiety from personal experience. (Aug 2008)
  • 1995: Participated in Million Man March. (Aug 2008)
  • Apocryphal story: race awareness began with skin-bleach ad. (Aug 2008)
  • Taking a black candidate for granted is measure of progress. (Jun 2008)
  • Epiphany at age 21 settled his racial identity. (Apr 2008)
  • We’ve never really worked through complexities of race. (Mar 2008)
  • Intertwined search for father and racial identity. (Dec 2007)
  • Rooted in African-American community but also more than that. (Dec 2007)
  • In college, rejected multiracialism for black identity. (Dec 2007)
  • Fans see Obama as opportunity to vote for redemption. (Dec 2007)
  • Veiled racism in dismissing Obama as “unqualified”. (Oct 2007)
  • Catching a cab, no one questions he’s “authentically black”. (Jul 2007)
  • America’s race and class problems are intertwined. (Aug 1996)
  • There is some hope of eventual reconciliation between races. (Aug 1996)
  • Racism wasn’t merely the cruelty involved, but arrogance too. (Aug 1996)


  • Obama represented secular liberalism to US church leaders. (Jan 2021)
  • Suspected by opponents of being Muslim, Communist, & Nazi. (Jan 2012)
  • OpEd: installed secularism as America's state religion. (Oct 2011)
  • OpEd: Wrote glowingly of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's first sermon. (Nov 2009)
  • First American president not raised in a Christian home. (Aug 2008)
  • Religious Left calls Obama "called" and "anointed". (Aug 2008)
  • Grandmother raised as strict Methodist, but saw hypocrisy. (Aug 2008)
  • Mother raised in Unitarian Church with secular values. (Aug 2008)
  • Mother declared herself an atheist during high school. (Aug 2008)
  • Obama's Trinity Church is based on black-liberation theology. (Aug 2008)
  • Moved to & attended church in neighborhood he was organizing. (Aug 2008)
  • OpEd: Obama was born a Muslim, and is now a Christian. (Jul 2008)
  • GovWatch: never a Muslim, but school listed him as Muslim. (Jun 2008)
  • In hard times, people take refuge in traditions, God & guns. (Apr 2008)
  • I am a person of faith; and I reach out to people of faith. (Apr 2008)
  • Religion is foundational; not clinging nor elitist. (Apr 2008)
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright helped bring me to Christianity. (Apr 2008)
  • Exposure to Islam taught me that Muslims can partner with us. (Apr 2008)
  • Kenyan grandfather converted to Christianity & then to Islam. (Apr 2008)
  • Barack's UCC church motto: Unabashedly Black & Christian. (Apr 2008)
  • Father was raised Muslim but became an atheist. (Apr 2008)
  • Registered as Muslim at Catholic & secular Indonesian school. (Apr 2008)
  • I am a proud Christian who believes deeply in Jesus Christ. (Jan 2008)
  • Despite attack email, pledges Allegiance & uses Bible. (Jan 2008)
  • Attends church with press, to dispel rumors that he’s Muslim. (Dec 2007)
  • Grandfather converted from Christianity to Islam. (Dec 2007)
  • Joined church that emphasized a “Black Value System”. (Dec 2007)
  • Uses prayer to take stock of his moral compass. (Oct 2007)
  • Reach out to faith community;faith has role in public square. (Sep 2007)
  • Active in the Trinity faith community. (Aug 2007)
  • Carries Bible on campaign trail, & refers to it weekly. (Aug 2007)
  • Embrace Christ as an ally. (Mar 2007)
  • Source of his book title “Audacity of Hope” was a sermon. (Feb 2007)
  • Raised secular, but with working knowledge of world religion. (Oct 2006)
  • Baptized as an adult in the Trinity United Church of Christ. (Oct 2006)
  • Religious concerns ok, if translated into universal values. (Oct 2006)
  • There’s a call to evangelize in politics. (Apr 2004)
  • I’m a big believer in the separation of church and state. (Apr 2004)
  • Spent time in both Muslim and Catholic schools. (Aug 1996)


  • Dec. 2016: Russia influenced election to benefit Trump. (Apr 2019)
  • Accused by Trump & Fox News of wiretapping Trump Tower. (Jan 2018)
  • Neighbor Bill Ayres admits 1970s violent radicalism. (Aug 2008)
  • OpEd: Distances himself from 1970s radical Bill Ayres. (Aug 2008)
  • Tony Rezko: large contributor & active member of campaigns. (Aug 2008)
  • Tony Rezko helped Obama buy home in prestigious neighborhood. (Aug 2008)
  • Segments of Wright sermons were "caricatures of the church". (Aug 2008)
  • Photographed without hand over heart during national anthem. (Aug 2008)
  • I revere the American flag; I don’t refuse to wear flag pins. (Apr 2008)
  • FactCheck: Yes, refused to wear a flag pin, last year. (Apr 2008)
  • Mar. 2008: Campaign uproar over Rev. Wright's anti-US sermon. (Apr 2008)
  • FactCheck: Took Rezko’s donations, but never represented him. (Jan 2008)
  • Gave away all Rezko “boneheaded” donations to charity. (Nov 2007)

    Voting Record

  • FactCheck: Ranked most liberal in Senate, based on 99 votes. (Feb 2008)
  • Voted with Democratic Party 96.0% of 251 votes. (Sep 2007)
  • Biggest mistake was intruding in Terri Schiavo case. (Apr 2007)
  • Voted NO on confirming Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice. (Jan 2006)
  • Voted NO on confirming John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. (Sep 2005)
  • Member of Congressional Black Caucus. (Jan 2001)
  • Reject Bush's Florida electors due to election fraud. (Jan 2001)
Mike Pence on Principles & Values
Republian nominee for Vice President; Governor of Indiana; former Representative (IN-6)
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  • Will reflect and pray whether he's called to run in 2024. (Dec 2021)
  • Not fair to attack Amy Coney Barrett's faith. (Oct 2020)
  • In America, we debate and disagree, but then come together. (Oct 2020)
  • I will always stand for our Flag and our National Anthem. (Sep 2020)
  • To reverse American decline must win back traditional values. (Sep 2020)
  • The choice is whether America remains America. (Aug 2020)
  • Trump: Pence looks just how a vice president should look. (Apr 2020)
  • Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. (Feb 2020)
  • 1980-90s: Attended nondenominational Christian megachurch. (Sep 2019)
  • 1991 OpEd: Negative campaigning is wrong, and that's my sin. (Sep 2019)
  • 2000: Positive in campaign; negative on radio talk-show. (Sep 2019)
  • Urged to exit ticket after Access Hollywood scandal. (Sep 2019)
  • No problem with gays; they just say so for publicity. (Apr 2019)
  • Freedom, not socialism, made America great. (Mar 2019)
  • When criticized about Jesus, I breath a prayer of praise. (Aug 2018)
  • Faith in Trump & faith in God will heal America. (Feb 2018)
  • OpEd: extreme self-effacement: "I do funerals & cut ribbons". (Jan 2018)
  • Founded PAC Great America Committee" separate from Trump. (Jul 2017)
  • Repeal the Johnson Amendment: free speech from the pulpit. (Jan 2017)
  • Serve based on a lifetime of experience from small towns. (Oct 2016)
  • Clinton Foundation is platform for Clintons' world travel. (Oct 2016)
  • OpEd: More conservative than Trump on many domestic issues. (Aug 2016)
  • My family lived the American dream. (Jul 2016)
  • I'm Christian, conservative, & Republican, in that order. (Jul 2016)
  • Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects religion. (Jan 2014)
  • Indiana & U.S. Constitutions guarantee religious freedom. (Jan 2014)
  • Voted for Carter in 1980 over Reagan but views changed since. (Jan 2013)
  • I was Tea Party before it was cool. (Jan 2013)
  • Tea Party isn't AstroTurf; it's millions of people. (Jan 2010)
  • Rated C by the Club for Growth, pro-growth but not targeted. (Sep 2004)
  • Member of the House Republican Young Guns. (Sep 2010)
  • Member of the Tea Party movement. (Aug 2010)
  • Designate first weekend in May as Ten Commandments Weekend. (Apr 2011)
Bernie Sanders on Principles & Values
Democratic primary challenger; Independent VT Senator; previously Representative (VT-At-Large)
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  • Progressives deserve important seats in Biden administration. (Dec 2020)
  • Jewish identity means end racism & white nationalism. (Feb 2020)
  • Confederate monuments belong in museums not town greens. (Feb 2020)
  • Disowns vicious internet trolls. (Feb 2020)
  • US has an immoral distribution of wealth. (Feb 2020)
  • I do not believe in online bullying, end of discussion. (Feb 2020)
  • Trump acquittal will lead to more abuse of power. (Feb 2020)
  • Trump has documentedly lied thousands of times as President. (Dec 2019)
  • Trump think he is above the law, but nobody is. (Nov 2019)
  • I hold major rallies despite age & health. (Oct 2019)
  • Trump a corrupt president, worthy of impeachment. (Oct 2019)
  • End divisiveness; unite people with progressive agenda. (Oct 2019)
  • 2019 OpEd: Bernie is best chance to beat Biden. (May 2019)
  • Mueller Report: Russia bought pro-Bernie social media ads. (Apr 2019)
  • Government should address income inequality, not support it. (Apr 2019)
  • Mainstream media prefers "realistic" candidates over Bernie. (Jan 2019)
  • All real change comes from grassroots activism. (Nov 2018)
  • Learn from Gingrich in 1994: propose bold Democratic agenda. (Nov 2018)
  • Support progressives running nationally and locally. (Feb 2017)
  • 2016 campaign moved a generation of Millennials to the left. (Nov 2016)
  • Greatness about how we treat most vulnerable, not wealth. (Nov 2016)
  • Our political revolution must continue. (Nov 2016)
  • Our revolution will transform America. (Jul 2016)
  • It is not unrealistic to fight for middle class. (Feb 2016)
  • I walk the walk of progressivism, with no Super PAC. (Feb 2016)
  • Too late for establishment politics: we need a revolution. (Feb 2016)
  • Progressives don't have SuperPACs with $15M from Wall Street. (Feb 2016)
  • Agrees with Hillary, but more fervently, on many issues. (Jan 2016)
  • Political revolution: millions of people vs.few billionaires. (Oct 2015)
  • I do not have a Super PAC nor raise money from billionaires. (Oct 2015)
  • Social change cannot occur without mass participation. (Oct 2015)
  • Abortion & gay marriage secondary to addressing inequality. (Sep 2015)
  • Corporate interests fund the Tea Party. (Mar 2014)
  • Revolution will not start at "progressive bastion" Harvard. (Jun 1997)
  • GOP convinces middle class to vote for interests of the rich. (Jun 1997)
  • Progressive movement fights for social justice. (Jun 1997)

    Democratic Socialism

  • it's fairness for working class, not communism. (Feb 2020)
  • Does not advocate communism, but fairness for working class. (Feb 2020)
  • Democratic socialism means like Canada, not Venezuela. (Sep 2019)
  • Americans want "extreme" Democratic-Socialist solutions. (Jul 2019)
  • College member of Young People's Socialist League. (Jul 2019)
  • Economic rights are human rights: that's FDR's "socialism". (Jun 2019)
  • Democratic socialism opposes concentration of wealth & power. (Jun 2019)
  • 1990s: Nominated as "Socialist" for Profile in Courage award. (Feb 2019)
  • Change direction of Democrats to grassroots & bottom-up. (Apr 2017)
  • I am longest serving Independent but caucus with Dems. (Feb 2016)
  • I'm not a capitalist; I'm a democratic socialist. (Oct 2015)
  • What's wrong with modeling U.S. on socialist Scandinavia? (May 2015)
  • Registered Independent; calls himself a democratic socialist. (Apr 2015)
  • My form of democratic socialism is not Communism. (Mar 2014)

    Past Campaigns

  • Ran for Governor of Vermont in 1972 and 1976. (Jul 2019)
  • 1981: elected as independent mayor of Burlington. (Nov 2016)
  • DNC tilted primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. (Jul 2016)
  • 8 million contributions to his campaign, averaging $27. (Jul 2016)
  • 2011: Primary challenge keeps Obama from moving to the right. (Feb 2016)
  • American people are tired of hearing about Hillary's email. (Oct 2015)
  • Lost campaigns in 1972, 1974 & 1988 before winning in 1990. (Mar 2014)
  • Current administration has numbed American outrage. (Jun 2005)
  • 1971: Ran for Vermont Senate seat under Liberty Union Party. (Jun 1997)
  • First Independent elected to Congress in 40 years. (Jun 1997)

    Personal Background

  • Three uncles perished in Holocaust in Poland in WWII. (Jul 2019)
  • Celebrated his bar mitzvah in 1954 in Brooklyn. (Jul 2019)
  • Brother elected in England as Green Party member. (Nov 2016)
  • I am very proud to be Jewish; it is much of what I am. (Mar 2016)
  • My spirituality: we are all in this together. (Feb 2016)
  • High school athlete: basketball and long-distance runner. (Jan 2016)
  • Father immigrated to Brooklyn at 17, penniless & no English. (Jan 2016)
  • Family immigrated from Poland in WWII, escaping Holocaust. (Sep 2015)

    Voting Record

  • Voted with Democratic Party 94.1% of 324 votes. (Sep 2007)
  • Voted YES on confirming of Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court. (Aug 2009)
  • Religious affiliation: Jewish. (Nov 2000)
  • Member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. (Oct 2001)
  • Profiled in "Jews in American Politics". (Jan 2001)
  • Member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. (Nov 2007)
  • Religious freedom means no religious registry. (Jan 2017)
  • Question Trump on Emoluments clause. (May 2017)
  • Rated Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted. (Jan 2021)
  • Create Commission to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol riots. (Jun 2021)
Mark Sanford on Principles & Values
Republican SC Governor; previously Representative (SC-1); GOP Presidential Challenger (withdrawn)
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  • Supports investigating Trump; prefers censure to impeachment. (Oct 2019)
  • All states should hold primaries, not just re-nominate Trump. (Sep 2019)
  • Comeback to Congress in 2012; lost in GOP primary in 2018. (Jul 2019)
  • Trump's payoff to porn star "deeply troubling". (Mar 2018)
  • Now engaged to woman from 2009 extramarital affair. (Apr 2013)
  • Voted to impeach Clinton for affair, but should be forgiven. (Apr 2013)
  • OpEd: presidential aspirations gone when he went missing. (Apr 2012)
  • Refused to step down after scandal was revealed. (Apr 2012)
  • Calls for his impeachment for inappropriate travel expenses. (Apr 2012)
  • Religious affiliation: Episcopalian. (Nov 2000)
  • Rated C by the Club for Growth, pro-growth but not targeted. (Sep 2004)
  • Member of the Tea Party movement. (Aug 2010)
  • Member of the Republican Study Committee. (Jan 2016)
  • Member of the House Freedom Caucus. (Jan 2017)
  • Contract with America: 10 bills in 1st 100 days of Congress. (Sep 1994)
Howard Schultz on Principles & Values
Starbucks CEO; independent candidate for President until July 2019
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  • GOP fiscally irresponsible, Democrats going socialist. (Jun 2019)
  • Two massive failures: One of character; one of institutions. (Mar 2019)
  • Science is real, and so is religion and faith. (Mar 2019)
  • Vast majority of Americans aren't going to embrace socialism. (Mar 2019)
  • Leadership brings talented people together to solve problems. (Feb 2019)
  • Not home; not work; Starbucks is a "third place". (Jan 2019)
  • Centrist independent outside of the two-party system. (Jan 2019)
  • Pour Your Heart into It: the story of Starbucks. (Jan 1999)
Tom Steyer on Principles & Values
Democratic Presidential Challenger; CEO
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  • US is supposed to be value-driven leader of the world. (Feb 2020)
  • Developed countries don't jail former presidents. (Feb 2020)
  • I have been a grassroots organizer for 10 years. (Jan 2020)
  • Trump officials should testify for court of public opinion. (Dec 2019)
  • Coalitions of ordinary American citizens beat corporations. (Nov 2019)
  • Impeachment reflects the will of the American people. (Oct 2019)
  • To reach non-voters, be trustworthy, not calculating. (Jul 2019)
  • Trump is a criminal, nothing at all like me. (Jul 2019)
  • Mueller report says Trump obstructed justice. (May 2019)
  • Republicans did not lose Congress for impeaching Clinton. (May 2019)
  • Nixon only lost support once impeachment hearings began. (May 2019)
  • Trump & GOP systematically break the law & democratic norms. (Oct 2018)
  • Majority of Americans want Trump impeached and removed. (Oct 2018)
  • Election is a choice whether to go backward or forward. (Sep 2012)
Donald Trump on Principles & Values
2016 Republican incumbent President; 2000 Reform Primary Challenger for President
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  • The insurrection took place on November 3rd, not January 6th. (Dec 2021)
  • FactCheck: Incorrectly claims "insurrection was on Nov. 3". (Oct 2021)
  • We will make America great again; it's very simple. (Jul 2021)
  • No other president had audience chant they love him. (Feb 2021)
  • You will never take back our country with weakness. (Jan 2021)
  • I've done a great job; next year is going to be better. (Oct 2020)
  • I could be more presidential if not for media fake news. (Sep 2020)
  • I'm president of everybody, but they're Democrat-run cities. (Sep 2020)
  • America is the greatest nation to ever exist. (Feb 2020)
  • Desperate far-left radicals demand absolute conformity. (Feb 2020)
  • OpEd: Human hand grenade: razed and remade Washington. (Jan 2020)
  • There are those that think I'm a very stable genius. (Jan 2020)
  • 2018: Trump's lawyer disbarred for Stormy Daniel payoff. (Jan 2020)
  • FactCheck: 2016 was Trump's 3rd run for presidency, not 1st. (Jan 2020)
  • Trump inaccurately claims Mueller report exonerated him. (Dec 2019)
  • We don't win anymore; we lose to China and Mexico. (Sep 2019)
  • America will never be a socialist country. (Mar 2019)
  • Common good & compromise over revenge & retribution. (Feb 2019)
  • America's unique destiny is to be the beacon amongst nations. (Feb 2019)
  • OpEd: Beat the mainstream media by reframing. (Jan 2019)
  • Open-border socialism brings suffering, misery and decay. (Oct 2018)
  • Judges should just interpret law, like religious liberty. (Jan 2018)
  • OpEd: Replaces art of the compromise with art of conflict. (Jan 2018)
  • OpEd: Question Trump's dealings with Genovese crime family. (Nov 2017)
  • OpEd: News media never asked Trump hard questions. (Nov 2017)
  • OpEd: Trump's winning began with fraud and deception. (Nov 2017)
  • OpEd: Trump was a modern P.T. Barnum. (Nov 2017)
  • Put American citizens first, to make America great again. (Feb 2017)
  • First Amendment allows us to strongly criticize fake news. (Feb 2017)
  • We are transferring power from Washington to the people. (Jan 2017)
  • Agrees with Hillary on marijuana, campaign finance, trade. (Feb 2016)
  • Make America great again. (Feb 2016)
  • Our flag represents equality, hope, fairness, & courage. (Nov 2015)
  • I give people what they need and don't get: The Truth. (Nov 2015)
  • I will negotiate until American is great again. (Oct 2015)
  • 5-point plan to return America to her former greatness. (Dec 2011)
  • USA is the greatest force for freedom world has ever known. (Dec 2011)
  • If I run & win, our country will be great again. (Feb 2011)
  • Greatest fear? I don't have any; I only have "concerns". (Apr 2010)
  • I'm more humble than people might think. (Apr 2010)
  • Non-politicians are the wave of the future. (Jul 2000)
  • I'm too honest & too controversial to be a politician. (Oct 1997)
  • People who inherit don't know how to earn back losses. (Oct 1997)
  • Toughness is equally strength, intelligence, & self-respect. (Jul 1990)


  • Our very identity as Americans is at stake. (Feb 2021)
  • Cancel Culture is totalitarianism; they're erasing history. (Jul 2020)
  • Has not spoken with Obama or Clinton since his inauguration. (Apr 2020)
  • Admired Pres. Andrew Jackson; undid Pres.Obama's Oval Office. (Apr 2020)
  • I did a good job getting Obama to produce birth certificate. (Sep 2016)
  • 2011: Obama's birth certificate is hiding something. (Sep 2015)
  • Birtherism: demanded that Obama produce birth certificate. (Sep 2015)
  • Stoked Tea Party suspicions about Obama's legitimacy. (Jan 2012)
  • One hour to produce my birth certificate; Obama should too. (Feb 2011)

    Business Principles

  • I've been right probably more than anybody else. (Jul 2020)
  • OpEd: Charmed but threatened ruination as business strategy. (Jul 2020)
  • OpEd: Sowing division is what Donald has always done. (Jul 2020)
  • We have to hit back at critics; you can't turn your cheek. (Mar 2020)
  • I play to people's fantasies to Think Big. (Apr 2019)
  • Uses wealth to declare his competence and he can't be bought. (Feb 2018)
  • OpEd: input on options from multiple advisers. (Jan 2018)
  • A businessman, not a lifelong politician. (Oct 2016)
  • Bought Plaza hotel for cultural value, not profit. (Aug 2016)
  • OpEd: Trump empire based on Trump brand, not Trump buildings. (Aug 2016)
  • Donate to political candidates, regardless of party. (Aug 2016)
  • I never forgive people who deceive me. (Oct 2015)
  • People want positive inspiration. (Sep 2015)
  • I believe in the toot-your-own-horn theory. (Apr 2010)
  • Build your reputation as "responsible, professional & loyal". (Apr 2010)
  • When someone crosses you, get even!. (Sep 2008)
  • Never forgive someone who is bad; always strike back. (Sep 2008)
  • The harder I work, the luckier I get. (Sep 2008)
  • Get used to hearing the word "no" and ignoring it. (Sep 2008)
  • Never give up; look at the solution, not the problem. (Jan 2008)
  • To negotiate well, prepare and know as much as possible. (Jan 2008)
  • In the best negotiations, everyone wins. (Jan 2008)
  • Failure is not permanent. (Jan 2008)
  • Beauty and elegance are my signature and my brand. (Oct 2006)
  • Think on "Trump scale" and make a BIG statement. (Oct 2006)
  • Change isn't an admission that you were wrong. (Oct 2006)
  • Look at people non-judgmentally, without right or wrong. (Oct 2006)
  • Give others a fair chance, but eliminate scoundrels. (Oct 2006)
  • Passion overcomes many difficult impossibilities. (Oct 2006)
  • Many people are afraid to fail, so they don't try. (Oct 2006)
  • Tell people you’re successful or they won’t know it. (Mar 2004)
  • Good management requires hiring good people. (Mar 2004)
  • Lessons: stay focused on big picture. (Mar 2004)
  • Surround yourself with people you can trust. (Mar 2004)
  • Negotiating deals is about persuasion, not power. (Mar 2004)
  • In business & politics, stands for getting things done. (Jul 2000)
  • Appealing to middle Americans leery of political elite. (Nov 1999)
  • Learned about myself, from adversity in hard times. (Oct 1997)
  • Feeling cocky & invincible can be destructive. (Oct 1997)
  • For bad investment advice, you get blame; if good, no credit. (Oct 1997)
  • Measure success in happiness, not just in dollars. (Oct 1997)
  • Trump Tower glitz: Italian marble 80-foot waterfall. (May 1997)
  • You can't con people for long; you have to deliver the goods. (Jul 1993)
  • Rules for surviving the perils of success. (Jul 1990)


  • January 6 commemoration political theater, a distraction. (Jan 2022)
  • Call off Georgia runoff election; it's a scam. (Dec 2020)
  • Raised $150M for election challenges; most goes to his PAC. (Dec 2020)
  • 2016: Sought to nullify election after losing Iowa primary. (Nov 2020)
  • Retweet opinions: I put it out there; people can decide. (Oct 2020)
  • I'm president of everybody but there are Democrat-run cities. (Sep 2020)
  • GAO Report: Withholding allocated Ukraine funds violated law. (Jan 2020)
  • Pushed false theory that Ukraine framed Russia over meddling. (Dec 2019)
  • OpEd: Trump's attack on Ukraine politically driven falsehood. (Dec 2019)
  • More due process was afforded at Salem Witch Trials. (Dec 2019)
  • Repeatedly blocked impeachment witnesses from testifying. (Dec 2019)
  • Paid hush money to porn star, lied about Moscow deal. (Dec 2019)
  • Cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment. (Dec 2019)
  • Obstruction of Congress charge is preposterous & dangerous. (Dec 2019)
  • OpEd: "Perfect" call a smoking gun rather than exoneration. (Dec 2019)
  • Analysis: Federal criminal law turns on corrupt intent. (Dec 2019)
  • Unlike Clinton, Trump lacks foreign support at time of need. (Dec 2019)
  • A stacked deck of gross immorality, ethical incompetence. (Dec 2019)
  • LameStream Media are the Enemy of the People. (Sep 2019)
  • OpEd: Trump met three criteria for obstruction of justice. (Apr 2019)
  • If Congress tries to impeach, I'll go to the Supreme Court. (Apr 2019)
  • OpEd: Trump is a symbol of renewed white identity. (Mar 2019)
  • OpEd: Incited violence at rallies starting in 2015. (Apr 2017)
  • OpEd: Trump's rise analogous to Hitler's in 1930s Germany. (Jun 2016)

    Mueller Report

  • Pardons Michael Flynn and Roger Stone in Russia probe. (Nov 2020)
  • The Mueller investigation was an expensive witch hunt. (Oct 2020)
  • Mueller: Presidents may not be indicted for obstruction. (Jul 2019)
  • Foreign-provided opposition info? Read it; maybe call FBI. (Jun 2019)
  • No collusion, if you read the Mueller Report as I did. (Jun 2019)
  • Based on Mueller report, we'd indict Trump if not president. (May 2019)
  • OpEd: Russia helped Trump so they'd control eastern Ukraine. (Apr 2019)
  • Mueller Report: Russia bought pro-Trump social media ads. (Apr 2019)
  • Russia made up voter fraud story & Trump campaign re-posted. (Apr 2019)
  • Campaign supplied Russians, without knowing it was Russia. (Apr 2019)
  • Trump: no connection to Russia; Mueller: yes, hotel business. (Apr 2019)
  • Attempted to fire Special Counsel, but staff refused. (Apr 2019)
  • Mueller appointed to investigate Trump after Comey firing. (Apr 2019)
  • Mueller results: 7 guilty pleas and 34 indictments. (Apr 2019)
  • Campaign manager convicted: conspiracy with Ukraine & Russia. (Apr 2019)
  • Trump's lawyer convicted of lying to Congress about Russia. (Apr 2019)
  • Sued by Democratic Party for 2016 Russia collusion. (Apr 2018)
  • Mueller convicted three Trump aides of lying about Russia. ()
  • Trump challenged Russia to hack Hillary's email; Russia did. ()

    Past Campaigns

  • The Big Lie was the Election itself. (Jan 2022)
  • Raised money for election challenges, most goes to his PAC. (Dec 2020)
  • Presidential library to be located in New York or Florida. (Apr 2020)
  • OpEd: Spoke to people's disenfranchisement & disempowerment. (Apr 2017)
  • OpEd: Make America Great Again by leader being at the helm. (Apr 2017)
  • Get a special prosecutor for email scandal to jail Hillary. (Oct 2016)
  • 1997: Bill Clinton's vocal backer during Monicagate. (Aug 2016)
  • Talked about running for president since 1985. (Aug 2016)
  • Didn't vote in any Republican primary from 1989 until 2016. (Aug 2016)
  • My old liberal political views evolved like Reagan's did. (Aug 2015)
  • Avoiding candidate debates cheats the American public. (Jan 2000)
  • Lost 2000 Reform primary to Pat Buchanan and John Hagelin. (Jan 2000)

    Personal Background

  • My mother was like a saint, my father was most solid person. (Jul 2020)
  • OpEd diagnosis: antisocial/dependent personality disorder. (Jul 2020)
  • OpEd: false bravado based in childhood fear of father. (Jul 2020)
  • OpEd: in Trump family, fear is seen as weakness. (Jul 2020)
  • Coronavirus: I shake anybody's hand now; I'm proud of it. (Mar 2020)
  • Focus in school was "creating mischief". (Apr 2019)
  • Fixated on personal dignity, uprightness, and respectability. (Jan 2018)
  • Favorite movie: Citizen Kane, about risks of accumulation. (Aug 2016)
  • Father arrested in 1927 KKK riot, but didn't support Klan. (Aug 2016)
  • Played varsity baseball at military academy. (Aug 2016)
  • OpEd: "Apprentice" turned Trump from blowhard to candidate. (Aug 2016)
  • At 58, met and married Melania, age 34, at Kit Kat Klub. (Aug 2016)
  • OpEd: Lifelong dance of mutual manipulation with the press. (Sep 2015)
  • Sent to military academy because of childhood rebelliousness. (Sep 2015)
  • A germophobe: constantly washes hands; dislikes handshakes. (Sep 2015)
  • Attended military academy & Wharton Business School. (Jun 2015)
  • The Art of the Hair: it's all natural, and all mine. (Mar 2004)
  • Prefers short, formal bows to shaking hands. (Oct 1997)
  • Separated from Ivana after long less-than-perfect marriage. (Jul 1990)


  • Trump visit to Vatican more about detente than armistice. (Jan 2021)
  • Aligned with Catholic leaders critical of Pope Francis. (Jan 2021)
  • Our country, blessed by God, has a special purpose. (Aug 2020)
  • Respects evangelical leaders on prayer and on policy. (Feb 2018)
  • Always felt the need to pray; needs God more as president. (Feb 2018)
  • I really believe the Lord is speaking to me. (Feb 2018)
  • Not sure if he's ever asked God for forgiveness. (Feb 2018)
  • God helped me by giving me a certain brain. (Feb 2018)
  • The Bible is like a great, incredible movie. (Feb 2018)
  • Supports religious liberty, and the motto, "In God We Trust". (Mar 2017)
  • I go to communion and that's asking forgiveness. (Nov 2016)
  • Our media culture often mocks and demeans people of faith. (Sep 2016)
  • Cherish and defend our Christian heritage. (Sep 2016)
  • Repeal LBJ law: let preachers talk politics, tax-exempt. (Sep 2016)
  • I have a daughter and son-in-law who are Jewish. (Mar 2016)
  • Who in the world is offended by "Merry Christmas"? (Nov 2015)
  • I love God, and I love having a relationship with Him. (Nov 2015)


  • FactCheck: Claims GOP is growing as 30,000+ left. (Feb 2021)
  • Lost lawsuit in Supreme Court on overturning election. (Dec 2020)
  • I explored doing business in China; no secret bank account. (Oct 2020)
  • FactCheck: "We have the best testing in the world"? Not!. (Jul 2020)
  • OpEd: Trump dinners include casual dehumanization of people. (Jul 2020)
  • I don't have time for political correctness. (Sep 2019)
  • October Surprise: Access Hollywood tape of Trump. (Sep 2019)
  • OpEd: 18-month investigation alleges $413M in tax fraud. (Oct 2018)
  • Claimed father lent him $1M; actually lent him $60M. (Oct 2018)
  • OpEd: Trump is dangerous because he isn't tethered to truth. (Apr 2018)
  • OpEd: Trump demands loyalty, like a mob boss. (Apr 2018)
  • Debunked women fictionalized stories about sexual harassment. (Oct 2016)
  • I filed a 104-page disclosure form; I earned $609M last year. (Sep 2016)
  • Clinton's private email server was on purpose & no "mistake". (Sep 2016)
  • Charitable donations of $165,000 to Wharton and U.Penn. (Aug 2016)
  • Sued in 1,900 cases; defendant in 1,450 more cases. (Aug 2016)
  • Anti-corruption laws ensure that Trump profits from campaign. (Aug 2016)
  • OpEd: Trump dealt with Genovese & Gambino crime families. (Aug 2016)
  • Burned by press too often to be available any more. (Jul 1990)
  • Lost lawsuit in Supreme Court on overturning election. (Dec 2020)
Jesse Ventura on Principles & Values
Former Independent MN Governor; possible Presidential Challenger
Click here for 37 full quotes by Jesse Ventura OR click here for Jesse Ventura on other issues.
  • Would run as Green; Dems/GOP not the solution. (Apr 2020)
  • I don't like Trump or Hillary; I'm voting Libertarian. (Aug 2016)
  • Presidents have to lie: don't think I could do it. (May 2016)
  • 2003: Self-portrait as knight in armor on stallion. (May 2010)
  • Patriotism means wondering if were told the truth. (Mar 2010)
  • Stormed out from Paul Wellstone's memorial service. (Nov 2009)
  • Supports libertarianism with a small "l". (Apr 2008)
  • Enlisted in Navy SEALs during Vietnam. (Apr 2008)
  • Met wife Terry while working as a bouncer in a bar. (Apr 2008)
  • Taught "Wrestling Then Politics: The Perfect Preparation". (Apr 2008)
  • Chose stage name after Jesse James and California town. (Apr 2008)
  • Grew with sport of wrestling as "bad guy" character. (Apr 2008)
  • Personal hero is Muhammad Ali, who also shocked the world. (Apr 2008)
  • 2000: Offered to run as John McCain's independent VP. (Apr 2008)
  • Co-starred with Gov. Schwarzenegger in two action films. (Apr 2008)
  • Taught a semester at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. (Apr 2008)
  • Independent governor means not having to hire party cronies. (Mar 2001)
  • It can be detrimental for a politician to be honest. (Mar 2001)
  • Political “horse races” ignore the issues. (Jul 2000)
  • Parties need ideological base as well as grassroots. (Jul 2000)
  • Religious Right & extreme left are both “morality brokers”. (Jul 2000)
  • Considers himself a moderate libertarian. (Jul 2000)
  • Tried to set ground rules for interviews, limiting questions. (Jun 2000)
  • Religion a "crutch for weak-minded people". (Jun 2000)
  • Independent Party, not Reform Party. (Feb 2000)
  • Encouraged Trump in 2000 Reform primary, but didn't endorse. (Jan 2000)
  • Government's role is to do what people can't do themselves. (Mar 1999)
  • I didn’t need this job (as governor). (Jan 1999)
  • Voters want honesty; he provides it. (Jan 1999)
  • Fiscally conservative and socially liberal. (Jan 1999)
  • Two traditional parties are out-of-control monsters. (Jan 1999)
  • Does not plan to run for president; but won’t rule it out. (Jan 1999)
  • Problem is with fundamentalist fanatics, not religion. (Jan 1999)
  • Big Plan: smart government and self-sufficiency. (Jan 1999)
  • Wanted to be mayor & governor; doesn’t want to be president. (Jan 1999)
  • Member of Midwestern Governors' Association. (Sep 2001)
  • Member, National Governors Association/Economic Development. (Jan 2001)
Arvin Vohra on Principles & Values
Libertarian candidate for President; Libertarian Party Vice-Chair
Click here for the full quote by Arvin Vohra OR click here for Arvin Vohra on other issues.
  • Government out of matters of conscience & God. (Mar 2018)
Joe Walsh on Principles & Values
Republican presidential primary challenger (former IL Rep.)
Click here for 9 full quotes by Joe Walsh OR click here for Joe Walsh on other issues.
  • Donald Trump is a traitor; that is impeachable. (Oct 2019)
  • 2010: opposed by namesake rock star Joe Walsh. (Oct 2019)
  • 2013: supported birtherism; 2019: apologized for it. (Oct 2019)
  • I helped create Trump; now I have to live with that. (Sep 2019)
  • All states should hold primaries, not just re-nominate Trump. (Sep 2019)
  • The "Age of Trump" woke him up to racism of past comments. (Aug 2019)
  • Look into 25th amendment for Donald Trump. (Aug 2019)
  • Opposing Trump because he's an "unfit divider in chief". (Aug 2019)
  • Member of the Tea Party movement. (Aug 2010)
Elizabeth Warren on Principles & Values
Massachusetts Senator; former head of CFPB; Dem. Presidential Challenger
Click here for 44 full quotes by Elizabeth Warren OR click here for Elizabeth Warren on other issues.
  • No one asks male candidates if they're treated differently. (May 2021)
  • Planning makes our democracy work. (May 2021)
  • No one asks male candidates if they're treated differently. (May 2021)
  • Planning makes our democracy work. (May 2021)
  • I was a special education teacher; we never give up. (Feb 2020)
  • My motto is Mathew 25, about the "least of these". (Feb 2020)
  • Drew up a release from Bloomberg's NDAs. (Feb 2020)
  • Special needs teacher job taught me to never give up. (Feb 2020)
  • Re-establish the rule of law: investigate government. (Feb 2020)
  • Committed to grassroots campaign with small donations. (Feb 2020)
  • Women candidates out-perform men candidates. (Jan 2020)
  • Prosecute Trump for corruption and violating constitution. (Dec 2019)
  • I don't sell access to my time to big-dollar donors. (Dec 2019)
  • Grassroots movement will beat Trump, not Bloomberg billions. (Nov 2019)
  • Ignoring Mueller Report means president is above the law. (Nov 2019)
  • Impeachment is about more than Trump. (Oct 2019)
  • Would be oldest president; ready to fight for the people. (Oct 2019)
  • Ready to use executive authority for the people. (Oct 2019)
  • 2017: silenced in Senate; "Nevertheless, she persisted". (Jul 2019)
  • I'm not a Democratic Socialist; we can gain from markets. (Mar 2019)
  • OpEd: Women in politics are called "shrill" & face prejudice. (Sep 2017)
  • Dropped out of college at age 19 to get married. (Apr 2017)
  • We cannot let the American Dream die. (Apr 2017)
  • Scapegoating the "other" lets rich guys run America. (Apr 2017)
  • We need to fight hard, tirelessly for our core principles. (Apr 2017)
  • Fight back against band of billionaires, bankers, & bigots. (Apr 2017)
  • We will stand up to bigotry against anyone. (Nov 2016)
  • Supported Republicans for years prior to political career. (Nov 2014)
  • Registered Independent & Republican in Pennsylvania in 1990s. (Apr 2014)
  • Favorite Bible verse: Matthew 25:40. (Apr 2014)
  • Created intellectual foundation for Occupy Wall Street. (Oct 2011)


  • DNA test shows Native American ancestry generations back. (Oct 2018)
  • Globe review: no use of Native American heritage in hiring. (Oct 2018)
  • Calling me "Pocahontas" is a racial slur. (Dec 2017)
  • Fauxcahontas: Accused of using Indian heritage for gain. (Apr 2014)
  • My family is part Cherokee and I can't change who I am. (Sep 2012)
  • My Indian heritage played no role in Harvard hiring. (Sep 2012)
  • My father's family rejected my mother's Indian heritage. (Sep 2012)
  • I know I'm 1/32 Cherokee because my mother told me so. (May 2012)
  • From a long line of hardscrabble Okies. (Jan 2006)
  • Religious freedom means no religious registry. (Jan 2017)
  • Question Trump on Emoluments clause. (May 2017)
  • Rated Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted. (Jan 2021)
  • Create Commission to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol riots. (Jun 2021)
Bill Weld on Principles & Values
Libertarian Party nominee for Vice Pres.; former GOP MA Governor; 2020 GOP Presidential Challenger
Click here for 19 full quotes by Bill Weld OR click here for Bill Weld on other issues.
  • Trump's Ukraine caper is impeachable and treasonous. (Sep 2019)
  • All states should hold primaries, not just re-nominate Trump. (Sep 2019)
  • 2016 election: Johnson-Weld exceeded 3.6% of vote in MI & WI. (May 2019)
  • 500 prosecutors: we'd indict Trump based on Mueller evidence. (May 2019)
  • 500 prosecutors: Letting Trump go risks system of justice. (May 2019)
  • Quit Reagan Justice Department over ethics scandals. (Apr 2019)
  • Trump used power of Oval Office to protect himself. (Apr 2019)
  • Five Trump associates convicted; maybe 12 more redacted. (Apr 2019)
  • Mueller Report found ten instances of possible obstruction. (Apr 2019)
  • We can't go on pretending the president is normal. (Mar 2019)
  • Government leaders should inspire and unite, not divide. (Feb 2019)
  • Hillary's "public and private view" makes her vulnerable. (Oct 2016)
  • Trump's agenda is hurtful to America & the world. (Oct 2016)
  • Republicans and Democrats both perpetuate their own duopoly. (Jul 2016)
  • Chaired Mitt Romney presidential campaign in New York. (Jun 2016)
  • Considered run for presidency in 1996. (Nov 2005)
  • Mixes fiscal conservatism and social liberalism. (Aug 2005)
  • I've worked with both parties to get the job done. (Oct 1996)
  • Member of the Republican Leadership Council. (Jan 2001)
Kanye West on Principles & Values
Click here for 5 full quotes by Kanye West OR click here for Kanye West on other issues.
  • Name "Birthday Party" means more kids with more birthdays. (Sep 2020)
  • You're free if you stay away from pornography and Percocet. (Jul 2020)
  • Trump allowing God to still be part of the conversation. (Jul 2020)
  • God appoints the president. (Jul 2020)
  • I put everything I get on the line to serve God. (Jul 2020)
Marianne Williamson on Principles & Values
Author & Democratic Presidential Challenger
Click here for 7 full quotes by Marianne Williamson OR click here for Marianne Williamson on other issues.
  • International Day of Peace: Why only one day? (Jan 2020)
  • Requested that her donors support Mike Gravel. (Jul 2019)
  • Launched Project Angel Food: deliver meals to AIDS patients. (Jul 2019)
  • Trump harnesses fear for political purposes; love beats that. (Jun 2019)
  • Forces of immorality are on the march. (Jun 2019)
  • Separation of church and state supports spiritual flowering. (Jul 2018)
  • Politics steeped in religion is divisive. (Dec 1997)
Andrew Yang on Principles & Values
Democratic Presidential Challenger & Tech CEO
Click here for 8 full quotes by Andrew Yang OR click here for Andrew Yang on other issues.
  • Outdoor celebrations for the end of the pandemic. (Mar 2021)
  • Will regularly ride the subway, buses, and his bike as Mayor. (Mar 2021)
  • Impeachment: Open to pardoning Trump if elected. (Dec 2019)
  • Impeachment won't solve problems that got Trump elected. (Oct 2019)
  • Not left or right, but forward. (Oct 2019)
  • Let's build a forward coalition toward democracy. (Jun 2019)
  • Subsidize journalists to do local reporting. (Feb 2019)
  • 2006: Founded test-prep company Manhattan GMAT. (Feb 2014)


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