Jean Carnahan on Families & Children

Long history as Missouriís First Lady on family issues

Even before her appointment, Carnahan had already shown how strongly she felt about Missouriís families and their impact on the future of the state and nation. As First Lady, she advocated for childhood immunization and created an annual arts festival for children. She was the co-founder of Children in the Workplace, a project to develop employer-supported, on-site daycare centers for working families.

She frequently spoke on behalf of victims of domestic violence and for those who struggle with cancer, osteoporosis, mental health, and drug problems. She raised funds for the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center and helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity. Each Thanksgiving, the Carnahans served meals to the needy at the Salvation Army kitchen, a tradition she and her family continued just weeks after her husbandís death.

In 1998, Mrs. Carnahan completed her first book, ďIf Walls Could Talk,Ē a 440-page history of Missouriís first families and the challenges they faced in public service.

Source: Senate web site, carnahan.senate.gov/ Jan 8, 2001

Workplace child-care & more commitment to families

Jean Carnahan made speeches several days a week on her husbandís Senate campaign trail and worked on state legislation for better health care and education. She advocated the Equal Rights Amendment, gun control, & workplace child-care centers.

Jean Carnahan declined to be interviewed for this article, but in a campaign commercial she said she shared her husbandís commitment to families, children and the elderly.

Source: Kevin Murphy, The Kansas City Star Nov 4, 2000

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