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I support PBS, but Big Bird is not essential to America

Hirono and Lingle don't agree on much in their race for US Senate, but they both like Big Bird. The "Sesame Street" icon-turned 2012 political hot topic played an upfront role in a freewheeling debate. The debate began with the moderator bringing out a stuffed doll of Big Bird and asking if cuts to PBS are serious.

Lingle at first said she's friends with the chief executive of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and that she's been a supporter of PBS, backing off remarks from a previous debate that PBS should be considered for cuts along with other programs if they're not deemed essential.

"Linda seems to have changed her mind," Hirono said. Lingle then clarified her previous comments, saying she was talking about PBS in the context of the rest of the nation's spending.

"It's going to be very important for people to look across the spectrum of how we spend our money and set some priorities," Lingle said. "I did say I'm not sure that Big Bird is essential to the defense of America."

Source: Reuters on 2012 Hawaii Senate debate , Oct 20, 2012

More federal funding for education will help public schools

I will use my experience as our State's chief executive to ensure that our State not only obtains future competitive educational grants but I will also take the necessary steps to expand federal support for innovative education models like charter schools and STEM-emphasis education, as well as supporting teacher professional development through merit pay and evaluation programs.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, lingle2012.com , Apr 28, 2012

Science & math standards in public/charter/private schools

Government and the private sector should work together to address the gap between the skills of our labor force and the requirements of 21st century jobs. I am proud of my record as Governor of Hawaii for focusing on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills for our public, charter and private school graduates.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, lingle2012.com , Mar 15, 2012

No vouchers; more funding, more charters

Instead of vouchers, we should make our schools work better. Better means each teacher has the supplies and equipment they need; each classroom is safe and comfortable; locally elected school boards to give parents and teachers a real say in education; and charter schools to offer parents an important option.
Source: 2002 Gubernatorial campaign website, LindaLingle.com , Oct 10, 2002

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