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Cut Maryland state corporate tax to below 8.25%

With the National Institutes for Health and Johns Hopkins University, Maryland should be the top of the top and a magnet for research dollars. We are, in fact, well-positioned to attract at least $1 billion in new investment from donors overseas who want to tackle deadly diseases and, in the process, save lives around the globe.

But we need to do more. State government policies should be made more pro-business. For example, even a modest reduction in our 8.25% corporate tax rate should be enacted to inspire companies to take a second look at relocating to Maryland.

We also need to work harder to support the businesses that are already here. Maintaining a vibrant manufacturing sector must be a priority for our state.

Source: Opinion column website, www.robsobhani.com , Aug 22, 2012

Occupy Wall Street pushes for capitalism with a conscience

Americans have witnessed increasing crowds gathered at Wall Street to protest the excesses of capitalism. Two fundamentally different camps are fighting an ideological battle between savage capitalism and capitalism with a conscience. In the former only a few get ahead and prosper but in the latter we are all given an opportunity to prosper.

Those who are critical of capitalism--I call it "savage capitalism"--point out that many people in the middle class and lower middle class are left behind with little to no chance to increase their standard of living. And then there are those like billionaires Bill Gates &Warren Buffet who believe that capitalism should not leave those who are weaker behind. Capitalism, they argue, must have a conscience.

America needs capitalism with a conscience: a system in which every American has a level playing field in which to prosper. Groups such as "Occupy Wall Street" should bring these legitimate grievances into the halls of Congress.

Source: Column in the Huffington Post , Nov 18, 2011

Rebuild as nation of makers not takers; with 15% tax rate

President Obama [should] announce a plan to rebuild America into a nation of makers not takers--a nation of meritocracy not mediocrity. How? First, a gradual phase out entitlement programs except food stamps (over a five year period). Second, phase in a sales tax for three years at 15%, 10% and 5%. Third, simplify the U.S. Tax Code by instituting a flat tax on all Americans with incomes over $50,000 and reducing the corporate tax rate to 15%. Fourth, phase in a 20% spending cut across the board from all departments including the Defense Department. Fifth, reform America's broken immigration system.
Source: Opinion column website, www.robsobhani.com , Jul 26, 2011

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