Jennifer Wexton on Government Reform



Fight Russia's election hacks via social media disclaimers

Q: What policies and resources do you propose to ensure election integrity and security in the United States?

A: Attacks on the integrity of our elections are an existential threat to American democracy and there is every reason to believe that bad actors like Russia will continue similar assaults in the 2018 election. Advertisements on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter need to contain disclaimer information and be subject to stronger vetting requirements to prevent the spread of fake news and propaganda. In other countries, Russia has hacked elections by tampering with voter rolls and voting machines. States and localities need to ensure that the software they use to administer elections is up to date and secure.

Source: League of Women Voters Q&A on 2018 Congress VA-10 election , Sep 9, 2018

Holiday on election day; revamp for easier voting access.

Wexton voted YEA For the People Act of 2019